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Go Away Snow!

Boy Child is on Spring Break this week, so I am trying to find fun things to do for the week. In order to plan it, I had to check the weather. Was greeted with this for Tuesday. Did Mother Nature not get the memo that yesterday was the beginning of Spring? Someone needs to have a chit chat with her!


I wasn’t aware that the cashier was a dog.

Loki and Thor

Yay! Tom Hiddleston!

100 Posts!

I write a lot. Just reached 100 blog posts. But at least I can say I finally stuck with something at least 100 times!


I got this award today. I have 200 likes on my blog. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I never thought anyone would read my dribble, let alone like it. So I’m excited. Thank you!


Originally posted on Prose and Other Musings:
Welcome to online dating!  Time to create your profile… First, a little about you: Um. Hello.  I’m a writer…which sounds unemployed…  I work as a technical writer, and I write short stories and screenplays do creative writing in my free time.  I’m a bookworm, I love authors like…

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