The Faces of the Blog

I talk about my children a lot throughout the blog. Here’s a little bit of background on each. They love sharing about themselves, to the point it’s almost over share!

Boy Child

7 years old
Learning to read, write, do math, and take over the world
Loves all things train, planes, and automobiles
Favorite shows consist of Scooby Doo and Power Rangers
Likes: animals, movies, books, annoying his sister
Dislikes: being annoyed by his sister, homework, waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, naps
Volume Level: 8

Girl Child

3 years old
Doing to potty training thing
Loves all things baby dolls and tea parties
Favorite shows consist of Mickey Mouse and Dora
Likes: Cuddling, kitties, coloring, pretending to read, annoying her big brother
Dislikes: being annoyed by her brother, bathes, peeing on the potty, bathes, cribs, beds
Volume Level: 6

I love the heck out of them though.