My name is Kara. I am a single mother of two wild children, both under the age of 10. I do not work at the moment, therefore I spend a lot of my free time writing.

About This Site

I write about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes I just write words that cross my mind and hope something makes sense. I have no sense of flow on this blog. Everything can either be fitted under Parenting or the more complex category of Life. I write about both.

About Me: As a Person

I was born and raised in the great state of Illinois. I have lived in the same area for the past 27 years. Boring, I know.
I am not a great writer. Yet, I still write. Sorry if it’s horrible.
I am also very critical about my writing. Half of the things I write about do not even make it to the blog.
I read a lot as a child.
I still read a lot.
My friends seem to think I am funny or witty. I do not agree with them.
I have a sick mind at times. I usually keep it in check. Only show it to those I know very, very well. (You random reader should probably consider yourself safe from my weird-o-ness.)
I worked retail for over 10 years. Shoppers and customers sometimes are mean and evil.
I cannot cook. I cannot bake. I burn simple things like instant mash potatoes and noodles.
I am the microwave queen though.
I try to reserve judgement of people until I get to know them better.
I like to think everyone has a bit of goodness, niceness, and kindness in them.
I am sometimes proved wrong on that last statement. It makes me sad then.
I suffer from depression. Yet, I do not take any medication for it. Writing is my medication.
I am not smart. Sometimes, if I do not know how to spell a word (and my computer cannot untangle my mess of trying) I use a different word.
I can speak Gibberish fluently.
I am highly impatient.

Here’s a photo of me sitting at my desk, writing… or well, thinking about what to write. Please, please, please do not laugh at me!