The Scare

by loveandothercrap

I have decided life insurance companies like to be shady as all hell. Why do I think that? Well, because my life insurance company tried to scam me out of a higher monthly payment by making up bogus health issues for me.

You see, a few months ago, my mother decided I had to take over payment on my life insurance and also said I needed to upgrade it or something. Fine, whatever, I guess… right? Doing so, they told me I needed blood work done for their records. They sent out their own company to do it in my home.

Once it was done, I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve never had any major health concerns in the past, and didn’t suspect they would find anything wrong with me with this blood work. Silly me…

My agent called me out of the blue and said that my payment was going up because something in my blood work seemed wonky. However, he couldn’t tell me what it might be, nor had I gotten anything from the blood work company telling me otherwise. Red flag number one, right?

I can’t help it, I freaked out a little bit. Cancer seems to run in my family. My mother had it a few years ago and my father passed away from it earlier this year. I thought for sure I got screwed too with it and for several nights kept wondering what kind I really had. Both the life insurance company and the blood work company were dragging their feet on sending me the results, so I ended up making an appointment with a doctor. I was going to do it anyways, regardless of what the results said, because obviously something serious was wrong with me!

I had to wait nearly two weeks for the results from them! I had to wait three weeks until the doctor’s appointment. According to the results, my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were at “omg how is she even functional!” high. Red flag number two, right?

For the following week before my doctor’s appointment, I sent the week recording and watching what I was eating very carefully. I exercised and worked out and walked like a fucking lunatic.

Went to the doctor’s appointment, showed her the results, got more blood work done. Went to a second appointment for the results… blood sugar was completely fine. Cholesterol was slightly raised. Didn’t even need medication for it.

And that is how I decided life insurance companies would scare their clients in hopes of making an extra buck or two of them. I forwarded the real results to them, but they refused to lower it until my “cholesterol is back under control.” Ya know, the same cholesterol I don’t need medication for. Just to eat more properly and exercise more for. Which I have been doing!

“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance agent?” -Woody Allen