How to Lose Your Sanity: Parents Edition

by loveandothercrap

Have more than one child. Preferably, have them close together in age.

Start your days, weekend days too, as early as 6 AM. If you wake up before the sun, even better!

Do not end your day until well after midnight. Make sure you try to catch up your “adult” things after all the children are bed.

Have at least one child who believes something is the work of the devil, ie: naps, baths, potty training, veggies. Even better if they hate more than one thing!

Insist on that child doing the thing they hate (bed, naps, veggies) at least once a day..

Let your child steal your bed nightly. It’s amazing how much room they can take up.

Step on all the Lego toys.

Attempt to shower with the door closed and locked. It’ll be about two minutes before they are banging on the door.

Run out of milk after the closest stores close. Proceed to run around town after 10 PM attempting to find milk. (Or run out of diapers at 4 AM and proceed to wake up all your children just so the baby can have a clean butt.)

Know all the theme songs to all the kids’ shows. Proceed to watch the kid shows, even after the kids are in bed.