Little White Lie

by loveandothercrap

I lied to someone today. I got out of going to a “friend’s” house by telling him I was sicker than I really am. However, I have a rather valid reason for not wanting to be at his house…

As you can see, friend is in quotation marks. At one point, he really was a friend. In fact, I had a rather huge crush on him and wanted to be more than just friends with him. Which he knew, and used to his advantage. (Yeah, you knoooow.) After I finally wised up and realized he wasn’t going to be with me when he could just get the milk for free, I walked away from him and said good riddance.

Until he found on me on Facebook. I was being nice, responding to him, when he mentioned we should hang out tonight. Even though I kept saying no, that I had stuff to do, that I had my kids, etc. he still kept pushing the subject until I said, “Well, we’ll see.” I was secretly hoping he would have forgotten about it by today, but he didn’t and I received a text in the early afternoon.

It’s not that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him, to catch up with him, but it wouldn’t be just that. He would most likely push the sex issue, hoping to score one more time. While it’s been over two years since I have been to bed with anyone, I don’t want to just jump back into the sack with him. I want that to be saved for a relationship with someone, and based of past events, I highly doubt he’d want to be with me if it was the only way he would have sex with me.

Do I feel bad about blowing him off? Slightly, but I always do when I lie to someone. However, I feel like it’s a lot better than going and being pushed into sex. Especially if my kids are going to be going with me. I don’t feel comfortable leaving them in a living room or another bedroom, glued to the TV, just to do the hanky panky. Other parents might feel okay doing that, but not me. I wouldn’t even enjoy it because I would be worrying my children were getting into something, breaking something, choking on something, etc. Not a great recipe for a fun time in bed.

Maybe he wouldn’t push the sex thing, maybe he just wants to see you again? Perhaps, yes, but it’s never been like that in the past. Why would it be any different now? I don’t know, obviously I cannot predict the future or read minds. Just a feeling I have in my gut.