Learn How to Put Your Foot Down

by loveandothercrap

I hate parents who cannot put their foot down when it comes to their children. They often wonder why their child is spoiled, pushy, whiny, and an all around little brat. The answer is simple: It’s because you let them act like that! The child knows if they whine, cry, and scream long enough you, as a parent, will give in to their demands sooner than later!

I don’t normally go around telling people how to parent, but… when you blast it on Facebook, I’m going to weigh in about it.

One mama made a complaint about her kids always draining her phone’s battery playing various games. She hands over the phone when her children throw a fit because she hasn’t handed over the phone… she gets  upset because she uses her phone to connect to Facebook and other various social media sites but can’t when her children are playing on it or have wasted the battery from playing on it.

My response to her was:  I’d refuse them access to your phone. It’s your phone, you’re the mother, put your foot down. If they throw a fit about it, take away other things like their toys or TV for a week.

I allow my son to play on the laptop once or twice a week, as long as he doesn’t beg me to play, he behaves at home and school, and behaves nicely. If he begs, whines, throws a fit, etc. he knows he has no access to the laptop. Easy as that. I am the parent, I set the rules. Not Boy Child. Not Girl Child. (No matter how much they think they are the bosses.) It’s a privilege to play games on Disney Jr. not a right. And they know it.

Setting up simple rules and guidelines about cell phone usage, or anything for that matter, is up to the parents. It’s also up to the parents to enforce those rules and guidelines. Daily. Not when it suits the parents. Not when it suits the child. But always!

Luckily, the other parents who commented on the post seemed to agree with me. Most seemed to follow the same line of thinking as I do when it comes to this: You are the parent. You need to put you foot down. YOU need to parent. 

While my children are still too young to use cellphones, or to even borrow my POS flip phone, there are excellent articles on the website about how to go about it if your child is old enough. Such as this one, or this one, and finally this one.