Adventure at the Checkout Register

by loveandothercrap

I’ve been battling a nasty head cold since Monday night and finally broke down and went to the store for some meds. My total came to something and 45 cents. So… I dug out 45 cents, two nickles, a dime, and a quarter.

Cashier looks at me like I was the world’s dumbest person and said, “You need 10 more cents.” Now, I suck at math and being sick doesn’t help my case, but I counted it carefully before giving it to her. I told her it was the correct change and she started arguing with me about it. Over a damn dime. I started digging through my purse, but all I had left was a crap load of pennies… all at bottom. She rolled her eyes at me and gave me an even bigger attitude… so I told her to get a manager to count it for her. I normally don’t complain to managers because I get how horrible it can be to be a cashier, but giving me an attitude over a dime when I clearly gave her proper change? Meh, I’m sick. I act weird when sick.

She called a manager, over the dime, and when the manager looked at the total and the change in the cashier’s hand, he told the cashier, who had the world’s most smugest look on her face, “She gave you the right change… give her the receipt and let this poor woman get back into bed.”

And this woman works with money on a daily basis? I’d worry about her drawer if I was her manager. I know working retail is not the greatest job in the world and some customers are dicks, but seriously, to argue with a customer just seems wrong.