Red Zone Meltdowns

by loveandothercrap

What do you do when your child is in full meltdown mode? I sensed one approaching with Girl Child while on the wait to school to pick up Boy Child. She has been fussy for the passed two days, suffering from a cold. However, she was entering the red zone of tantrum fest. I was faced with waiting with her inside Boy Child’s school for 10 minutes, screaming and crying, or pulling out Boy Child 10 minutes early so we could face the full meltdown in the comfort of our living room.

I opted for pulling Boy Child out. It was only 10 minutes early, so I felt like he wasn’t going to miss anything crucial. Plus, I have never pulled him out of school early before, so it was like a special treat for him.

Girl Child’s full meltdown hit right in the middle of the street we were trying to cross. Not very good when there are cars speeding at you or waiting for you. I had to carry her the rest of the way. Not very fun when she is 30+ pounds and lashing around, trying to knock you out.

I situated Boy Child on the laptop, playing Disney Junior games while I let Girl Child scream it out. It only took 10 extra minutes of screaming, but she is done now… as long as I don’t look at her. She’s mad at me, you see, because I dragged her away from the school and won’t let her go to the store for candy like I planned to earlier.

I’m hoping things are better tomorrow.