Awesome Teachers

by loveandothercrap

Teachers are a very important part of any child’s education. I have been lucky so far that Boy Child’s past two teachers have been amazing and that he likes them.

I was also pretty lucky to have decent teachers throughout my school years. There were a few who stood out as having favorites among the students -which I was never one of. For example, one of my science teachers in middle school only cared about the popular students, which I was not one of, and only really bothered remembering their name. I sat in the back of the classroom, more often then not sleeping, and he never once noticed me, called on me, or approached me. He probably only gave me a passing grade because he couldn’t even picture me in his head to remember that I was horrible in science.

However, my favorite teacher was my high school math teacher, Mr. S. I always hated math, was horrible at it, but Mr. S made it fun to learn. For everyone. His teaching style was so different than any other teacher I had had at that point. If only one student didn’t understand the subject he was teaching, he would review it over and over, trying to explain it in different ways, until that one student’s brain finally clicked over.

While other teachers droned on in a monotone, Mr. S was singing songs about the subject. While other teachers sat behind desks while teaching, Mr. S was climbing on desks and chairs, twisting and turning while writing on the board. He played games like Jeopardy to review the material before tests. He used different colored markers on the dry erase board. He dressed up as various characters, trying to make learning interesting. He worked one on one with students during study halls, homeroom, or after school.

And he did this in multiple classes, multiple times of the day. By the end of the first quarter, my math grade improved a lot. I was remembering things, I was learning, and I was proud of myself.

I wish I could have cloned him and used his clones as teachers for all my other classes. School would have been awesome then, but even though I dreaded other classes, I always looked forward to his.

I’m hoping he’s still teaching when my children enter high school. They would adore him.