Do not plan to have your way as a parent

by loveandothercrap

Make an important phone call while the youngest is sleeping? Always wakes up, wanting to talk to whoever is on the line, think it’s Grandma.

Change a diaper? Twenty seconds later it’s filled again.

Try to put your potty training child on the potty? Doesn’t pee in the potty; waits until diaper and pants are back on to do business.

Put a clean shirt on any kid? New stain, whether food or dirt or anything in between, always finds it way onto the shirt.

Finally get all the kids to sleep? Realize they are in your bed and either have to risk moving them to the proper place or crash on the sofa.

Decide to curl up with them instead of doing either of the above ideas? Foot to the face, elbow to the stomach, or whole body across your chest. Breathing may or may not be happening that night.

Cook the kids a nice homecooked meal? Decide its not good enough and wants you to make something else instead.

Finally have a minute to yourself? Won’t be able to do the things you want because you’ll doze off.