I Believe, Baby!

by loveandothercrap

I truly believe in my heart…

  1. I truly believe in my heart that winter may never end this year. Mother Nature has finally had enough with us and is attacking us with full force. She’ll give us a few pleasant days, just to spite us, but the next day she will freeze us out yet again.
  2. I truly believe in my heart that mother cursed me when she told me, “Someday you are going to have children just like you!” I have my childhood self… times two. Extra energy. Extra chaos. I don’t know when my mother learned how to places curses, but I want to beg her to remove mine.
  3. I truly believe in my heart that all the spiders in the world are out to get me. They hunt me down, build webs in the high, unreachable corners of my house and watch me. They watch me sleep, eat, shower and get dressed each day. They are planning my downfall and it’s only a matter of time before they execute their plans on me. If  I suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth, refer to the spiders to find me. They will know where I am being kept.

I refuse to believe…

  1. I refuse to believe that I am not really Supermom. I have a cape in my closet. I am Supermom!
  2. I refuse to believe that there is only one soul mate out there in the world for me. If it were true, the odds of me ever finding him are slim to none. I bet you there’s a “soul mate” for me every 75 miles or so!
  3. I refuse to believe that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are not real. They have just gone missing and I need to find them. I will make it my quest! Just imagine all the thanks and praise and goodies I would get once I recuse them from some stranger’s basement. I’ll get it all and I will not share with any of the non-believers.
The following has been in response to today’s daily prompt: I believe.