Seeking Exercise Without Doing the Exercise Bit

by loveandothercrap

I have come to the conclusion that I am out of shape. I already knew this because me and exercise are not friends, but it really, really hit me finally.

I have been on the cleaning spree of the lifetime for the past two days. I have been moving heavy furniture all by myself, lifting several trash bags, bending, twisting, climbing, and squatting for two days straight. I can feel the muscles in my back and legs burning.

I’m telling myself that after this cleaning spree I will keep up with working out, in some way, shape, or form. But then I have to stop to think of how am I going to work out.

I cannot join a gym. I have a toddler who is not yet potty trained and would probably flip if I left her alone with a random stranger with other random stranger kids. (I know I will have to do that eventually when I find a job, but I don’t think I should start it with some part-time babysitter in a gym daycare.)

Additionally, gyms generally require cash. I’m trying to save money, not spend more money. So that rules that out.

The weather is still crap most of the time. We’ve hit a few nice days at 53 degrees, but it’s gone as quickly as donuts in a police station. I’m not going to drag my little girl out into the frosty, cool world any longer than I have to just to walk around the block.

I suppose I could buy a work out DVD and do it in the comfort of my own living room. But I don’t think I am motivated enough to do that.

So I’m out of ideas. I could do Spring Cleaning every week, but I’m eventually going to run out of different ways to rearrange my house. And stuff to throw away.

My cleaning spree ends tomorrow. I only have the kitchen and bathroom left. The two rooms I have been looking forward to the least, but oh well. (Have I mentioned I loath cleaning? Because I do. So very much so.)