I Need Cleaning Insurance

by loveandothercrap

My cleaning mission has been met with a few hiccups already. Wasn’t going to be as easy as I planned, but then again, cleaning never is. I don’t know why I always forget how horrible Spring Cleaning can be, but I do and this time was no exception.

Firstly, I realized right away I didn’t buy enough gloves. Sure, I can make gloves last, but I always forget one tiny problem. Girl Child. She has to have one too. So I just crippled myself by giving up one glove to my daughter, who uses it to pick up her toys. Whereas I face harsh chemicals. But I rather do it all one handed rather than listen to her pitch a fit because she wants to be like Mommy.

Secondly, while cleaning out closets or shelves or under the sofa, I place all my garbage bags in one spots, and then promptly pile all the “keep” stuff on top of it. So I have to dig out the bags when I need a new one, resulting in a much bigger mess.

Thirdly, the vacuum. It’s the bane of my existance. It’s old as dirt. The hose has cracked so it flies off at random times while vacuuming. It can’t pick up anything bigger than a speck of dirt. Oh yeah, and my kids enjoy stuffing things in the hose while my back is turned because… it’s broken and comes off and they enjoy sticking stuff in holes. Last time I vacuumed I had to pull it apart to retrieve a sock they shoved in. This time was a bottle cap. I am now an expert at dismantling my vacuum. Bonus points for me?

And lastly, I get so gung-ho about cleaning that I think I am Superwoman and try to move my heavy sofas, without any help. I can feel it in my back already. Those twenty or so muscles are going to be very, very sore. Never mind I have broken down the next 3 days into different rooms and plan on following through it.

Oh well. At least the living room shall be done by tonight. Which will mean I am on schedule. Tomorrow will be dining room and kitchen, and Sunday the bedroom and bathroom. Go me!