Drivers Be Warned!

by loveandothercrap

I am about to embark on a three day house cleaning mission. So, naturally I am stalling and writing instead. Though, I do promise to clean after I am done with this post.

I had to hit the store for some extra cleaning supplies – trash bags and gloves – as well as a few other things, like diapers for Girl Child’s behind. Luckily, it’s a totally lovely day, so the driving wasn’t so bad! Well, weather wise, driving wasn’t so bad. The other drivers were freaking idiots on the road.

Being the nice soul I am, I let someone who was turning right turn in front of me while stopped at the red light. I’m so sweet, aren’t I? Big mistake on my part because this person decided to drive 20 mph under the speed limit. Impressive, I suppose, when you stop to think about the fact that the road was a 35 mph speed zone. And not only that, but he drove with his brake lights on, so knowing when he was stopping was impossible. Course, I am smart and try to keep back, so when I was getting closer to him I realized he was stopping.

And then I was taking the off ramp – finally getting away from Fear the Speed Driver – that headed to the store… and was nearly killed because some guy parked on the side of the road decided to do a U-turn right in front of me. Always nice knowing my brakes are working perfectly fine, as well as my seatbelt. Just had to shove my heart back down my throat before moving on.

Of course, the parking lot wasn’t much better. Some chick couldn’t follow the up or down arrows properly, so I was stuck in front of her while she had to figure out how to turn the hell back around. (I had other cars behind me, I couldn’t escape!) It was clear this woman couldn’t back up well because she nearly took out three parked cars and five walkers on her two feet of backing up. Genius.

However, my personal favorite from this short trip was the young lady who parked in a no parking zone. It was already parked there, for who knows how long, before I got there, and she was just coming out when I was leaving the store. Which was about 20 minutes later because the lines weren’t that nice to me today. She had a handicap sticker in her window, so I made the smart ass comment, saying, “Is stupidity your handicap? You couldn’t have parked in a spot… that’s literally right next to the no parking zone?” I got a glare from her, but I didn’t care. She was lucky she didn’t get a ticket or get towed!

Oh well, onto cleaning now. I seem to be have a guardian angel watching over me right now, so hopefully I do not die while scrubbing the bathtub or something.