Dating Sites Do Not Work

by loveandothercrap

Alright, I broke down. I cannot get rid of this “want to meet someone because I am lonely” kick I am in, so I joined a dating website. Well, actually I joined two, but deleted one of them shortly after reviewing my supposed matches.

I filled out every single blank honestly and truthfully, I read each and every question carefully and answered them appropriately. I was excited to review my matches! Until I saw my matches.

I clicked on the first match, excited to see what he would be like… and was greeted by my cousin’s photo. The dating service matched me up with my cousin! Or else someone who had stolen his picture, but after reading through the profile, it was clear the person behind the profile was indeed my cousin. Creepy! I sent him a message, telling him the site paired us up, and we had a giggled about it.

So I moved onto match number two! I’m out of male cousins, so I thought I was safe. Nope… stepsister’s former husband. That would be awkward… We didn’t even get along so much while they were married and this site wants us to hook up? Very, very unlikely. I didn’t bother to even message him. He’ll probably gag when he notices, if he does.

Okay, I am out two matches, so match number three has to be Mr. Right, right? Wrong… match number 3 was my ex boyfriend. At this point I called it quits. I deleted my new profile and went in search of a new site, that didn’t rely on matches!

So far, so good with the new site. Haven’t found anyone that I am related to or know really. Lots of bad grammar messages from random guys, which I ignore. Lots of weird requests, like the girl who sent me a message because she wants another girl to add to her relationship with her husband. Uh… no. And lots of guys who seem fake because they can’t even bother to add a profile picture.

Sigh. Oh well. Only day one… maybe by tomorrow I’ll remember why I gave up looking in the first place.