TV Moms

by loveandothercrap

Girl Child is napping and that has left me bored. I know I should be using this break from mommy-mode to do something worthwhile, like clean or cook some fancy dish, but instead, I sit down at the computer to write. (And I don’t even know what I really want to write about… this is as far as my brain has gotten in thought on the topic.)

Five minutes later… I decided to Google “famous stay at home moms.” I guess I fit under that category because I don’t work at the moment and stay home. But I don’t feel like the “normal” stay at home mom type. If there’s even a normal type… I don’t know. My knowledge on the subject all comes from TV shows. And I don’t even know if they were all stay at home moms…. they were just awesome mothers who may or may not have worked.

I mean, lets look at it…

From the TV show Everyone Loves Raymond, the mother has to deal with living near her in-laws, dealing with a husband who doesn’t do much around the house, and take care of three (?) kids! And she does it! Wonderfully, too I might add.

Lets not forget about Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch. She had 6 kids in the house to deal with. Yes, she had help from Alice and her husband was a lot more helpful than Raymond, but I would still lose my mind if I had to deal with 6 kids. At once. If I could like a famous TV mother, Carol Brady would get my vote… she did a lot for her kids and still lived her life!

Of course, I would love to have the technology the mother from the Jetsons had. Press a button and voila! dinner appears. Color me green with envy. I still have to slave over a stove/oven… okay, let’s get real, I slave over the microwave more. But that didn’t stop this cartoon mama. She still did an awesome job parenting. (It’s been years since I even watched the show.)

Also I admire Aunt Becky from Full House. She married into… well, a full house. Not only did she have to deal with 3 grown men who acted like children themselves, she gave birth and raised twin boys, and stepped up as a motherly figure to her 3 new nieces. Oh, can’t forget about the dog too. She treated him wonderfully too. How this woman didn’t go crazy in a house with that many people is beyond me. I honestly think she deserves some sort of award, honestly.

Everyone raves about June Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver, and honestly, I have only watched one or two episodes in my life, but she certainly had her hands full in those one or two episodes! She was like… the picture of stay at home mom. Many of my stay at home mommy friends look up to her. I don’t really, since I haven’t witnessed much, but I thought I’d still add her in. (Because honestly, I don’t even know what I’m writing about anymore.)

Now I could go on forever about TV moms and how perfect they are and how much I admire them. Then reality hit me. They are fake… it’s all make believe. Sure, they might have done the same thing in real life, but then again, might not have been. No real life problem can be fixed in 30 minutes or less.

However, maybe I can model myself after each one, taking certain parenting qualities from them and adapting them as my own. Then surely I would be a real life Supermom, right?

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I just wanted to write and write I did. Girl Child is finally stirring from her nap. I can go play dolls with her soon!