Friends Forever

by loveandothercrap

I was awake up 3am last night. I don’t know why exactly. I laid down several times in hopes of sleeping, but by 2:30am I gave up and tried to occupy my brain on something else. So I opened Facebook and people searched names I remembered from grade school, middle school, and high school.

I found a total of two people that I remembered from those times that weren’t my Facebook friends already. The chances of them even remembering me are slim to none and I think one of them only accepted my friend request out of pity. Like… oh look, this girl only has 80 or so friends on Facebook, poor her.

It got me thinking about my friends in general. Out of those 80 Facebook friends, – well 70 friends a majority of them are family-  I only talk to a handful of them on a daily basis, but they are the most awesome people in the world. Two of them even read my blog, so hiiiii friends!

I have known one friend for several years now. Hold on, let me do the math… still mathing… I’m going to say the final answer is 15 years. Could be more… could be a little less. I met her in 7th grade. Yes, we have had our ups and downs throughout the years. A lot of friends do, but the fact that we always find each other again and make up shows me something. She’s one of a kind. And hopefully she knows this paragraph is about her because she is one of the two I mentioned that read my post… don’t go blushing now, lady! Love you!

She has been by my side for some of my darker days, helping me when I was a young parent. I know I wasn’t the best of a friend… I would go as far as calling myself an asshole, honestly, but I hope she knows now that I have changed, that I truly treasure her, and plan to be by her side too now. Unless she’s dumping a body, then I was never there! (Kidding. She’s too sweet to cause harm to anyone!)

Now, she isn’t my only friend, obviously, rather the closest friend living near me. Which is something since it’s still a 30+ minute hike to get near her.

I have two very dear friends who I have never even met face to face, yet they will forever remain close in my heart because they stuck by my side… even when I was losing my marbles. Though, I think that’s partly why they like me, they think I’m funny. Even though, I’m not. Far from it, but I guess I give them a chuckle whenever I open my mouth… or type. Whatever.

While maybe some day in the future I may meet them, I do hope they know even if I don’t I still love the snot out of them. They are amazing people and miles, states, and countries between us will never change that.

Look at me being all sentimental. This is why I shouldn’t stay up until 3am looking through old friends from school. I lose my marbles even more.