My Kids Hate Me or So It Seems

by loveandothercrap

Some days I stop to wonder if my kids hate me. Now, I know they don’t really, but sometimes, it seems like they really do. After a long day, with my head spinning, I always reflect back on what my children do during the day. A lot of times it seems like they do things just to spite me because they hate me.

1. Bedtimes.

Every single bedtime seems to be a nightmare. I lay them down between 8 to 8:30pm, depending on the day, their mood, or my mood. Nine times out of ten… they are still awake by 10pm! Right now I am blaming it on the time change; their little body clocks are not adjusted yet. But it was the same even before the time change.

I do not change the routine for bedtime.Hardly ever. They use the washroom. They get one book to read. They brush their teeth. Laid down and tucked in with about 5 kisses each.

And yet they still talk, play, or even get out of bed. I have to chase them back into bed. I have to take toys away, ground them from whatever activity they desire doing the next day, I have to use my stern motherly voice. Nothing works! They play and ignore me because they hate me. I am certain of it.

2. They back talk.

Oh my goodness. The back talk. It’s horrible. It mainly comes from Boy Child, but Girl Child is surely picking up on it and quickly. I always tell them, “You do not talk to me like that,” or “I am your mother, you do not speak to me like that. Ever.” Yet they still do.

I realize it’s programed into kids’ brains to try to rebel, but does it really have to be over every little thing? I make carrots with dinner and am told, “Carrots are gross! I wanted [other veggie.] Make me something else!” or other various remarks of the same gist.

I don’t know how to break them out of it. Time outs hold no effect. Turning off whatever game or TV show they are watching hold no effect. Making Boy Child write me an apology letter holds no effect. I cannot win and I am certain they hate me.

3. It’s like pulling teeth when I need them to do something.

Sometimes, they will do things when told once, like Boy Child taking a bath (not so lucky with Girl Child.) Other times, it’s a war to get them to do the simplest thing.

“Pick up your toys, please.” Nothing… “Pick up your toys.” Nothing again. “Pick up your toys right now!” Still nothing! “Pick up your toys right now or they will be placed in the dumpster, never to be seen again!” Half the time they will do it. The other half I am met with nothing, again, and then they get mad when the toys are taken away. (I have never thrown any away, but they always end up hidden in some closet for a good week.)

It’s not even the toys. Sometimes it could be a war getting them to stop hitting each other. Sometimes it’s a war to get them to sit down properly to eat a decent dinner. Either way, I am certain they hate me.

4. They say they hate me!

It has only happened a few times, all from Boy Child. He has muttered the words, “I hate you!” to me after a lecture or doing something he does not wish to do. It hurts, I will tell you that. The first time I heard it I broke down and cried, right in front of him. He quickly told me he didn’t really mean it, but the words were spoken. They hung out there in the air and he could not take them back. I realize he really does love me, but like any child, won’t like me at certain times. Just wish I didn’t have to hear them coming from him. Thought I wouldn’t hear them until he was in his pre-teen or teenage years. I was proven wrong, yet again.

By the end of days like these, I am left feeling dejected. I know they really do not hate me. I am sure I said and did the same things to my mother when I was a child, but it’s hard. Really hard. In the end though, I know I am doing my best and I am sure they will appreciate it when they are around my age. At least I hope they do…



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