Movie Reviews: Don’t Listen to my “Expert” Reviews

by loveandothercrap

I have done it. I finally sat down and watched two movies since Friday. With two kids, it can be a hassle to get to fully watch a movie with very few interuptions. I have a very long list of “want to watch” movies. A lot of them popular, award winning movies.

However, the two that I watched weren’t targeted for adults. One recently won an award at the Oscars, so I guess I did something right by agreeing to watch it.

You see, I took the time to watch Frozen and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Impressive, right? I’m impressed.

Naturally both the children watched Frozen with me. They loved the little snowman character. I loved the fact that Disney finally got something right: you do not need to marry a guy you met that day… or only once. I mean, c’mon Cinderella and Snow White didn’t even bother to learn the names of their husbands-to-be… ever, I think.

I also liked the fact that Frozen focused a lot more on the family thing. Sibling love. (I say sibling rather than sister because I want my kids to realize that even though they are brother and sister, the shit still remains true with them.)

All in all, I give the movie 9/10. I don’t know what that even means. I’m not a movie critic, nor have I ever actually reviewed a movie in my life. But it was enjoyable, I’d probably watch it again sometime in the future. So it gets a high score. Doesn’t get 10/10 because it didn’t have any voice talent of my favorite actors… you know who I mean!

Boy Child and I watched Percy Jackson earlier this evening. He was begging me to watch a movie with him, but I wasn’t in the mood to watch another cartoon/animated movie. I thought long and hard. We had seen the first movie and I had been wanting to see the second because I liked the first one. So it won out and honestly, I couldn’t think of anything else that we hadn’t seen 50 times before. (I’m looking at you Honey I Shrunk the Kids.)

Most of the time, I will watch a movie first to determine if it’s suitable for the kids. I didn’t with this one, but for the most part, Boy Child handled it well. It wasn’t bloody or gruesome. He enjoyed the sea monsters, A LOT.

It had a similar message as Frozen. Sibling love is pretty awesome. Which at first confused me because I thought Percy was suppose to be the only son of the god of sea, but whatever. Shit happens. So I liked the message there and told my son, “Seeee, siblings are suppose to get along and care for one another and stick up for them!” He rolled his eyes at me.

In the end, I still give the movie a 6/10. Again, no clue why really. It wasn’t the best movie, but it entertained us for the hour and 45 minutes it played. Actors were okay. Story was okay. I never read the book, at least not yet, so I can’t grade it compared to the book. I have heard it’s a lot different though. It was no where near the awesomeness of the first movie. But, screw it. I like Greek mythology, and this worked for me.

Sorry, I see I am rambling! Oh my.

Perhaps sometime in the near future I can sit down and watch some more “adult” movies that are on my list. Or I might find a whole other kid movie to watch, again. Oh well… was still fun to watch a movie with the kids!

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