Enjoyable Day

by loveandothercrap

Today has been a good day. In more ways than one. Mother Nature has finally decided to take a break and pull the stick out of her behind and grace us with a 50 degree sunny day. And my depression and moodiness hasn’t been as bad as it has been the past few weeks. I’m tempted to believe that the two might be slightly related.

This winter has been horrible. One of the worst that I can remember in my life time. We had snow. Lots of snow. Snow came down every other day for a few weeks it seemed. On top of the snow, we had frigid and freezing temperatures. So the 50 degrees was a nice, welcoming change. Even if it’s only going to last for one day.

Which can be said about my break from feeling down and out. Perhaps it’s because I was able to get out and enjoy some nice weather for a change that I was feeling slightly better about myself and my life. Perhaps I just needed a break from sitting indoors, huddling under blankets and sweatshirts.

Like the weather predictions tomorrow, my depression may return with the coldness. I have to take it one day at a time, much like the winter weather. Hopefully, I will be on the up and up, mood wise, like the weather, because let’s be honest, Spring has to arrive at some point. Right? So maybe a pain free, sad free days are on my weather forecast.

Or maybe I just need to get back onto some medication finally.