Boy Child: Comic # 4

by loveandothercrap

For the past 5 years or so now, Boy Child has been actively trying to talk me into getting him a pet. Things like no money or against apartment agreement mean nothing to him. Plus, we have had pets before. We had a fish or two that only lived for about a week and he cried his little eyeballs out when he learned about them needing to be flushed. And we had a cat for about two months but had to take her to the shelter before the baby was born, due to lack of money to keep a cat.

However, he still is actively trying. He is hoping if I present a comic he made about the topic, all the readers in the world will talk me into giving him his way. Trust me, I would love to give this kid another pet, but the apartment is too small for 3 people as is. Add in another pet and we will be tripping over each other.

Either way, I present another comic created by Boy Child.

As always, please click on the photo in order to enlarge it so you are able to read the words!

PS. I don’t know why he decided I needed a new hairdo in between panels. I don’t normally wear my hair like that… ever. But I guess he couldn’t figure out how to draw a ponytail. Hope you enjoyed it!