Quiet Hour, Not so Quiet

by loveandothercrap

Quiet hour in my house needs to be renamed. It should be called “Whisper Softly So Mom Doesn’t Hear You Until We Forget We Were Suppose to be Whispering and Start Yelling” hour. Yup.

I normally frown upon the whispering because it’s suppose to be quiet hour, as in… be so quiet you might fall asleep for a nap. (Never happens, but a mom can dream.) However, I don’t actually make them stop. Big mistake, Mom!

I don’t get annoyed until they are outright playing, yelling, screaming, hooting, and/or hollering. I have to chase them back into their quiet places (mainly, their beds) and remain them it is quiet hour! As in, no talking!

A reasonable mother would start the whole quiet hour over, probably. I don’t… I should, but I don’t. So 60 minutes of quiet usually considers of about a total of 5 real minutes of quiet and 55 minutes of playing. And that is 55 minutes of mom here getting annoyed.

I should just get rid of quiet hour all together. Boy Child probably doesn’t really need that nap throughout the day I am hoping he will take. I never once napped when I was 7 years old. I do it more for the sake of Girl Child. If she doesn’t nap, she is normally cranky come 7pm. And then falls asleep early in the evening and wakes up around midnight, ready for some action.

Of course, she won’t take a nap on the weekends when her brother is home. He is the trouble maker. He can get her to do anything. And he gets horribly loud during the day.

I really do need to get this quiet hour problem fixed and quick. Spring break is coming up, meaning my son will be home a whole week straight. And not long after that is summer break, and oh lordie, I don’t even want to think about that right now.

I might have to lock myself in the bedroom over the summer and only come out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I might have no sanity left at all afterwards. …Not that I have much sanity right now.

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