Daylight Savings Time

by loveandothercrap

Daylight savings screws with my head, every single time. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels that pain, but man, it takes me weeks to readjust to it. Only 4 weeks ago, did I finally change my clock in my car to the correct hour for the “fall back” time change. Now I am to rechange it. May take me another 13 weeks or something though.

While I am not feeling it too much on Sunday with the whole “lose an hour of sleep” thing, I know I will be feeling it tomorrow morning when I have to get Boy Child up and dressed for school. His feet will be dragging too, most likely.

I never understood the point of daylight savings time. More light at night, I know. Awesome when you are a kid and told to come inside when it’s dark outside. But I know that’s not the #1 reason for it. Who cares that kids want extra time to play outside?

So… I Googled it. And honestly, I Google everything, so why isn’t this any different?

I read on one website:

“…it is not true that it was created for farmers. The real reasons for daylight savings time are quite logical. The main reason for daylight savings time is to make good use of daylight and save energy. In the summer, our clocks are moved forward to extend an hour of daylight to the evening. As the Germans discovered, energy is saved when the clocks are shifted. The idea is that if the sun is out “longer” than normal, people will use natural light and turn on their home lights later. Therefore, less electricity will be used.” — What’s the Point of Daylight Savings Time?

Sooo… basically it’s about saving energy. More light in the evening = less energy used because less lights are being used indoors. Good to know. I should probably do that, but living in a basement apartment does not give me easy access to natural light. I could probably light my living room with the natural sunlight, but anything else, like the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room are screwed.

Go figure. Since I can’t use this awesome energy saving stuff, can I just keep my fall clock schedule? Oh right, I’d be late for a lot of things, wouldn’t I?

Least all the clocks in my house changed automatically. It’s just my car clock that needs to be adjusted, but honestly… I rarely look at it. It’s always been off, minute wise, so I just use my phone clock. Plus, I spent more time trying to figure out where the Set Hour button is, I normally end up late to where I need to be because I wasted so long messing with it!

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