Holidays You Need to Mark on Calenders

by loveandothercrap

I got lazy. I wanted to look up when Easter was this year, but my daily planner was too far away. So I googled it because honestly, Google is my best friend when I am feeling lazy or curious.

However, I just typed in 2014 Holidays rather than the standard “When is Easter this year?” I was met with some bizarre holidays I never even heard of. And honestly, a few of them gave me a giggle. I thought Groundhog Day was bad, but these… well, just take a look at some of them!

March 11th 2014: Organize your Home Office Day. If you have been putting it off for weeks and weeks, well guess what, there’s a special day to do it! I guess you can’t put it off any longer now, now can you?

March 13th 2014: Ken Day. As in Ken, Barbie’s lover doll. I do not even know what you are suppose to do that day. Dig out some Ken dolls and dress them up in a new outfit? I don’t even have any more Ken dolls… or Barbie dolls for that matter.

March 15th, 2014: True Confessions Day. I may have to make a blog post about some true confessions. Good thing I know about it a week in advance. I can think up of some really good ones!

April 7th 2014: Beaver Day. I guess groundhogs are not the only ones who have their own special day. I wonder what beavers are suppose to do on Beaver Day. Maybe see their shadow and predict how many weeks until summer arrives.

April 25th 2014: Hug a Plumber Day. Hey, I actually know a plumber! Though, not well enough to randomly hug him, but maybe if I explain its a special holiday just to get away with hugging him, he will be okay with it.

May 4th 2014: Petite and Proud Day. My kind of day, since I am considered petite. I expect candy and balloons, flowers and some cards.

May 11th 2014: Root Canal Appreciation Day. I never had a root canal before, but maybe those who have can share some light? Fun enough to appreciate it for a whole day?

May 24th 2014: Brother’s Day. Maybe I shall plan something fun for Big Brother to do that day from his sister. Not a totally silly holiday. Might even be nice.

June 2nd 2014: Leave the Officer Early Day. Who’s going to be all over that one? It even lands on a Monday! Double score for you all, right? Aren’t you glad I told you about this now??

July 2nd 2014: I Forgot… Day. You can forget to done something that day and not get in trouble! Just be sure to make sure your wife or husband, mother or father, boss or coworkers know what day it is too. Unless you forgot to tell them.

July 10th 2014: Don’t Step on a Bee Day. I like to think I observe this holiday every day, all year long.

August 1st 2014: Girlfriends Day. Uh oh, boys. Better plan something totally awesome for that. Husbands, I guess you are safe since it’s not Girlfriends and Wives Day.

August 28th 2014: Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day. If you want to observe this holiday, maybe you can get out of doing some work that day.

September 5th 2014: Be Late For Something Day. I wouldn’t recommend it being any important bills or work though. They might not like learning about this holiday that way.

September 22nd 2014: Hobbit Day. Yes! I will be all over this day! I will read the book and watch the movies! I love hobbits!

October 18th 2014: Chocolate Cupcake Day. I could get behind this day. I like cupcakes.


November 20th 2014: Name Your PC Day. Sorry, computer, guess you have to wait until that day for a name, buddy.

December 5th 2014: Salesperson Day. After working in retail for over 10 years, I like the idea behind this day. Be nice to them that day! They are humans too, you know.

December 30th 2014: Bacon Day. I know many people who will be thanking me for bringing this day to light.

Of course, you cannot forget that every month has it’s own special thing. And it might be more than you remember from school!

March: Craft Month. Cheerleading Safety Month. Caffeine Awareness Month

April: Decorating Month. Straw Hat Month. Couple Appreciation Month.

May: Get Caught Reading Month. Hamburger Month.

June: Candy Month (!!!!). Iced Tea Month. Dairy Month. Camping Month.

July: Ice Cream Month.

August: Golf Month.

September: Piano Month. Chicken Month (the animal, not running away scared kind.)

October: Pizza Month. Also, I will always remember Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as I have lost my grandmother to it and my mother is a survivor from it.

November: World Vegan Month. (Now before people get offended because this is a “humor” post, I have to point out… there was no other special month thing for this month, apparently. I didn’t want to leave it blank! Rock on vegans, I applaud you!)

December: Tie Month.

And months that have already past were (you can acknowledge them next year):

January: Hot Tea Month. Oatmeal Month.

February: Heart Month. Cherry Month. Hot Breakfast Month.

Now there was a lot of special holidays I did not even included. I mean, they had some for every day of the year! This is so awesome! If you want to check out the site, you can click here to look at it. Maybe you will find an awesome holiday on your birthday! Mine happened to be Valentine’s Day AND Ferris Wheel Day.

Today happens to be Proof Reading Day. Guess I will double and triple check this post before hitting the publish button. (If you find any mistakes, it best you tell me or else you will be failing Proof Reading Day too!)

Today also happens to be Women’s Day (rock on fellow women!), Peanut Cluster Day, and Genealogy Day. The more you know…

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All humor posts are made in jest. No harm was caused to any person, animal, or Barbie doll.