New Year’s Resolutions: Keeping Up with Them?

by loveandothercrap

Confession time. I have not kept up with one of my New Year’s resolutions. Honestly though, not a lot of people do, but those that do, I applaud them. I have two Facebook friends who have managed to keep up with their resolutions so far: one was eat more bacon and the other was lift more weights. I admire their dedication; though, I have to admit, if I set my resolution to eat more of a beloved food, I would match that.

One of my goals was to cut back on coffee and soda. In general, caffeine. I managed to do it reasonably well for the first two months. I made a 2 liter of soda last me two weeks between my shopping trips. I didn’t inhale coffee daily. I think I had a cup of coffee maybe once every two weeks. I was doing awesome. I even started to lose weight! Though I think that was a combination of cutting back on the caffeine and eating more properly each day.

However, I screwed up. I turned back to the caffeine after going down to my father’s. The first trip down I picked up a coffee from McDonald’s on the way back home. I had told myself “No more then for the rest of the week” and I thought I was going to follow through. Until the end of the week when I started my 48 hour no-sleep binge when I was back down south visiting my father before his death.

I inhaled more coffee and soda those two days than I had in two months. Just in hopes to stay awake. Which I did. I inhaled so much I was so wired I couldn’t even relax on the train ride home. I had an energy drink before even getting picked up at the house. I had coffee on the drive down. I had coffee in the morning after sleeping for 20 minutes. I had coffee after they pulled my father off life support. Then I switched to soda. I had soda with my lunch. I bought two bottles of Mountain Dew for the train ride home. Then I had coffee after sleeping for 12 hours when I finally arrived home.

I swear, I can feel the weight coming back to me.

It’s been a week since all this occurred now. I have done fairly well again, trying to get myself back on track. I had two cans of Mountain Dew this week and just bought a 2 liter of it that I have been sipping on occasionally. I haven’t had another cup of coffee again though. Yay! Each time I thought about going to McDonald’s for a cup I managed to talk myself out of it.

I’m hoping to get back to where I was again before I slipped up. It’s a slow process and I didn’t want to quit caffeine cold turkey. Plus, I need some to be able to keep up with my kids!

For the most part though, I have been doing good with my other New Year’s resolutions. Writing. Blogging. I mean, I am blogging roughly 2-3 times a day these days. (Some are probably like geez, stop already!) I have been more active with my kids. I have been keeping up with my reading, somewhat. Once the weather is nicer and we are no longer drowning in snow, I still plan on spending more time outside, either to play with the kids, go for walks, go to parks, etc. I’m trying!

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Are you keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions still? What were they? Share down below!