Kids and Accidents: Like Two Peas in a Pod

by loveandothercrap

Accidents and children seem to go hand in hand. Whether it’s something small, like a spilled juice cup, or something big, like a trip to the ER for a broken bone, children will always have accidents. Quite frankly, so do many adults, though hopefully not as often. (Unless you are clumsy like me. I did just fall out of my chair this morning…) Accidents are going to happen unless you decide to lock your child into a plastic bubble ala Bubble Boy style.

It seems my children have some form of accident daily. Most of the time it’s something small. Food on the ground, juice on a shirt, or pee on the ceiling. (Not an easy thing to clean off when you only stand at 5’0 in shoes.) And I have been very lucky that there have been no broken bones yet, though I thought my son had broken his finger and his head once.

I haven’t been so lucky in the stitches department though. At the tender age of 2, my son needed 5 stitches in his forehead after his head met a sidewalk corner. It’s amazing how fast your mind can work when you start to freak out.

Does he need stitches?

Did he crack his skull? Does he have a concussion?

Should I drive him to the ER or just call 911? Will I be okay to drive him to the ER? Should I bring someone with?  I probably shouldn’t let him fall asleep while we drive to the ER. I need someone to sit with him while I drive because he is only 2, he can’t hold a towel to his head hard enough.

Where is all this blood coming from?

Is he going to go into shock? Is he going to have a seizure?

I swear all that went through my head in a matter of a minute while I was rushing around the apartment trying to find a towel. Towels were always kept in the same place, but I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to remember that, I guess. After locating a towel, I remember rushing him into the car, while both of us were in our swimsuits. (Though I think I was smart enough to put shorts on.) Picked up a friend to sit with him while on the way to the ER. Few hours and 5 stitches later, he was cleared to go home.

I probably didn’t handle the situation very well. Every book I read before giving birth told me to remain calm in case of an injury, but during the injury, I think I panicked more than him. Not very calming for him, to be honest. Luckily, my friend was a lot more calm than I was and handled the situation a whole lot better than me – even holding him down while he was receiving the stitches while I sat in the corner hyperventilating.

I couldn’t help be reminded of the time I had to be rushed to the ER when I was a little older than my son (3 years old.) My mother was a lot more calm in the situation than I was with my son, but I try telling myself she didn’t have to witness blood rushing out of my head. Only a broken wrist. I thought she didn’t even blink an eye when I fell 9 feet off the slide. It wasn’t until after I dealt with my son’s stitches crisis did she tell me the truth. She was freaking the hell out inside her mind, having much of the same dialogue I did with herself.

I felt like a horrible parent for a while. I thought people were judging me while we were out in public. However, I know it wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t even my son’s fault – someone was holding him and tripped, both fell and my son hit his head. It was an accident and accidents happen.

I have been very lucky with my daughter so far. No major injuries reported yet. Only trip to the ER for her was an ear infection and pink eye (though, I have reason to believe it wasn’t pink eye because no one else got it in our house.) I’m sure once she gets a bit more adventurous it might all change, but I will do everything in my power to keep them safe, though I will stop at putting them in a plastic bubble. I just have to remind myself to watch for fingers in car doors – managed to shut a car door on my son’s fingers once, resulting in another trip to a ER to make sure they weren’t broke (just bruised, thankfully) – and watch them carefully on 9 foot slides.

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What were some of your children’s accidents that caused your heart to stop? Share them below!