A Very Tiring Day

by loveandothercrap

Frazzled – fraz · zled adjective Informal
worn-out; fatigued

I am worn out. I am fatigued. I am the definition of frazzled. I was seriously surprised my picture was not next to the word. I thought it might have been.

Today has been a hair pulling kind of day in my household. Not only did it snow for the millionth time this winter, my kid still had to go to school in the mess. I still had to drive out into the snow, for an interview, only to learn my interview had been cancelled. I was already on my way to my mother’s when it was cancelled, so I just kept going.

My usual 25-30 minute commute to my mother’s took closer to an hour. Traffic was backed up. I saw accidents. I’m seriously wondering how these people have managed this winter without getting into an accident so far if they can’t even drive slow. We have had several snowy days so far this winter; people have had plenty of time to learn how to drive slowly and carefully.

However, this wasn’t the most hair pulling part of my day. I managed to get to mother’s perfectly find, minus a few white knuckles and sore hands from gripping my steering wheel so tightly. No, today I had the pleasure of trying to track down where my father was. When he died on Friday, the hospital agreed to hold him for the weekend while my stepmother made arrangements. Considering today is Wednesday, I thought she would have had managed to figure something out by now.

First I called the County Clerk of his county, to see if they had his death certificate filed yet. They were unable to tell me yes or no because that information is not allowed to be told over the phone. I figured as much and the lady explained if he only died on Friday, it was unlikely it was. She instructed me to call the funeral home he would be at.

I thought I knew what funeral home it would be. My stepmother and stepsisters tossed around one name frequently, so I tried there. They never heard of my father. I was faced with either calling every single funeral home in the area or trying a different approach.

I went with the different approach.

I called the hospital to ask if they were able to provide me with the information of his release. Luckily, they were able to. Turns out the coroner’s office had taken him because the hospital was unable to house my father any longer. This made me really glad I didn’t call every single funeral home in his area. I would have never gotten anywhere.

I was able to speak with the coroner and she was very nice and helpful. I love nice and helpful people. According to her, my stepmother is unable to fund the funeral arrangements. The coroner told me my stepmother needs $1000 before she can do anything in the way of arrangements.

I really wish my stepmother would give me updates on this kind of stuff, but we never got along. Now that my father is gone, the chances of her wanting to even speak with me are slim to none.

My only concern was about the death certificate. I need it for several different reasons; however, it will not be filed until my stepmother finds a funeral home to handle this sort of thing. Unless she goes about doing it herself, which apparently she could. Will she tell me if she did? Unlikely, so I am left hanging. The coroner was able to write me a letter on her letterhead, stating the time and date of my father’s death and that he is being held in her office, but it’s not the same as a death certificate.

If I lived closer to where he had died, I would march down to the hospital, fill out the death certificate and force my father’s doctor to sign it. Of course, fate would have it, I am nearly 3-4 hours away. I cannot do this easily.

Tomorrow I might try calling the hospital, yet again, to ask if my stepmother took care of this, but I am so worn out from all  this calling around. It takes a lot out of a person, mentally. And I did other calling to the trust fund company today, so I was on the phone for over two hours total today. I have never done this much calling to different places in one day in my entire life.

On top of all this, my son is being a complete terror today. I have had to stop typing more than once to tear him off the wall or chase him out of rooms he isn’t suppose to be in. He has been climbing on sofas and hitting his sister. I keep reminding him that unless he starts behaving better he will not be going to LegoLand like he wants to over Spring Break. It’ll stop him and cause him to behave for 5 minutes before he forgets and does something else hellish.

I am so ready for their bedtime so I can soak in a hot bath, read a book, and take my mind off a lot of different things. Just to start it up all over again tomorrow. I’m suddenly glad a lot of places are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. At least I will have two days off from all this calling nonsense.