Setting the Ball in Motion

by loveandothercrap

I hate making myself sound like an idiot. I am not the smartest person on the block, but I try to think I have a basic understanding on a lot of different things. Boy, was I proved wrong today.

Since my father passed away, I have to switch all my grandparents’ trust fund crap over to my name. Where it’ll probably sit because I can’t even touch it. Which is okay by me.

I thought it would be pretty straight forward. Show a death certificate and my ID and all is good. But nope. It’s nothing like that. I’m learning about things I never even thought possible. Learning words I didn’t even know existed such as utma and per stirpes. Even my dictionary on the computer doesn’t recognize these words.

And I am only on day one of dealing with this.

I am really glad I had the brains to call first rather than just walk in with a death certificate like my stepmother seemed to think I needed to do. There are a lot more steps to this process then any of us realized, I think.

At least I got the ball rolling. Hopefully I can get it to roll a little further, a little bit one day at a time. The woman who is in charge of all this is very nice and understanding and seems to understand that I am a complete idiot. I’m glad that I got someone who is being helpful and thorough rather than some old, cranky man who is just going to tell me “sign here and here and here” without any explanation. This lady is going to bring me into the office sometime in the future and sit down with me and walk me through everything.

Hopefully by the end of this I will have an inkling of understanding about this. I have my handy-dandy notebook stashed in my purse for any note taking I will be doing on all this. (I watch too much Blue’s Clues…)