I Have a Dream…

by loveandothercrap

Like most people, I have dreams. They do not consist of owning a big house, dating a celebrity, or rolling around in the big bucks – though, admittedly, that would be nice. However, my main dream is to make my children proud of me when they are older.

I don’t feel I need to be successful in whatever career. I don’t need to be at the top of the world, money wise. I don’t even need fast cars or any of that nonsense.

I want my children to be proud of the person I was. Someone who tried very hard to raise them right. Someone who put them first above anything else. Someone who was there for them when needed, whether it’s to talk or just have a shoulder to cry on. Everything I do in my life, I do for my children.

Right now they are still young. They still consider me Supermom. However I am sure I am in for a lot of challenges once they hit their teenage years. I just hope I do everything in my power to make them realize, before that age, that even though I might be considered “uncool” that I will still be there for them.

It’s all I ever wanted. All I will ever want. I could be a millionaire, living in a house the size of Rhode Island, driving the top of the line cars, and dating the most famous celebrity in the world, but I will not be fully happy unless I know my children love me and look up to me.

That is my main dream. It will never change.


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