RIP Daddy

by loveandothercrap

Thursday night I travelled down to the hospital my father was in again. It was my final goodbye. I stayed with him for the night, and Friday morning they pulled him off life support. It didn’t take him long for him to leave us, and even though we all knew it was coming, it was still sad and there were many tears shed.

This is came as a reminder that life is short and unexpected. I plan to be very active in my children’s lives, even when they are adults. I will not allowed petty fights and indifferences cause us to drift apart. I will not alienate them, I will not lose contact with them. I will expect to hear from them at least once a week, and if I can really get my way, then we will talk daily, even if it’s for a short time.

While my dad and I had many, many things that may or may not have been forgiven, it was still hard to lose him. He was my only father. However, I am glad he is finally at peace. I like to think he found his mom and dad in heaven and they are catching up and reminding the good times.

RIP Daddy.


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