Supermom is Flying High Today

by loveandothercrap

supermomI am not a perfect parent. I’m sure I have said this countless times before, but it still remains true. However, I try my hardest to do right by my kids. So when my kids call me Supermom or my friends with kids come to me for advice, it makes me feel awesome. These two things have happened so far this week. I feel like I can defeat anything right now.

Yesterday morning, while getting my daughter dressed for the day, she called me Supermom. I thought it might have been a one time deal, but she kept it up all day. Every time she wanted my attention, it was “Supermom, Supermommy!” regardless of whatever it was she wanted.

I’m not entirely sure what brought this one either. I have never referred to myself as this in front of my children. It’s mainly my secret ego living inside of brain that only comes out in my thoughts or in my blog. I don’t even know who she learned it from.

The second thing was my friend coming to me for advice about her two year old son. (Or nearly two year old son, I should say.) I obviously didn’t have the magic answer, but I did offer up advice on what I would in her situation. And she actually told me she was willing to try it!

Two points for me, right?

For the most part, I have been blessed with two wonderfully behaved, healthy kids. Yes, they have their moments where they might throw a fit because I won’t give them ice cream for dinner or buy the giant robot at the store. Even a few times where my son hits his sister, but so far, those have been relatively few and far between.

It makes me feel good about myself as a parent when I am called Supermom by my children or when people ask for my advice. It means that, even though I am not perfect, I am still doing alright. That’s all I can ask for, I suppose.


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