One Day a Snow Day Would Be Nice…

by loveandothercrap

Once the weather is better, the snow has melted, and the sun is shining, I may never come inside again. I’m so ready for winter to be over; so tired of snow every few days. We are literally running out of room to put the snow from our parking lot.

We got close to 5 inches of snow sometime in the wee hours of the morning today. And yet, my kid still had to go to school. They’ll close the school or start it later than normal if it’s below a certain degree, but if the roads are bad and the sidewalks are hidden, they still make the poor kids come to school.

Our normal 2-3 minute walk down the driveway and across the street took nearly 10 minutes this morning. And that was after taking 5 minutes just to get our front door open because the landlord pushed all the snow against the door. I was only able to get it open enough that we could slip out sideways. If I was any bigger, I probably would have gotten stuck. Our neighbor came out behind us and started kicking the snow away from the door. Since our landlord is suppose to be keeping up on the snow patrol, not a lot of folks own a shovel. Those that do, keep them locked up in their trunks so they can dig their cars out…not very useful if we are all stuck inside.

Once we finally managed to squeeze our way outside, we had to navigate the parking lot. Our landlord only plowed about half of it at this point. I had to throw my kids over snowbanks that were up to my waist! Plus we had to walk slowly because it was slick and wet and slippery. My poor daughter fell at least 3 times in the parking lot, and nearly brought me down on two of those occasions because I was holding her hand.

And then it came time to cross the road. Oh dear Lord, the road. It wasn’t even plowed yet. All the snow plows were busy on the main streets. So while waiting for cars to pass, we got splattered with snow a couple dozen times. And while walking across the street, the snow was up past our boots. I ended up having to carry my daughter because she kept getting stuck in it.

Then of course, the sidewalk to the school isn’t even shoveled. Sure, they were working on it, but there was only one guy trying to shovel a mile long sidewalk the kids have to walk on. Most of the kids were just walking in the street. Not very safe, especially with the crazy parents I have mentioned before.

Normally the kids are suppose to walk down and around the school and enter near the gym. Since my parking lot is right across the street from the front doors, I normally say fuck that, and send my kid up to the front doors. Most days he is allowed to enter that way no problem. Today we had a office lady on a power trip.

I rang the bell, like any other morning, and my son waited for the door to be buzzed open. I was holding my daughter, all three of us equally wet and snowed on. However, the buzz never came; instead, we heard the office lady through the little speaker say, “Please bring your kid around the side of the building to the gym.”

Speaker, say what?

I’ll admit it, I lost my temper a little here. I pressed the buzzer again, and when she started to speak again, I interrupted her and said, “No, you will let my kid in this way, like you have every day so far this winter. The sidewalks aren’t shoveled. I’m holding a 2 year old who is wet and unhappy from falling in the snow 3 times. You guys wanted to keep the school open, so you can open the door here and let my kid in because I refuse to walk half a mile, in the road – because like I said, the sidewalk isn’t visible.”

She buzzed my kid in, thankfully, but not after a dramatic sigh. She told me to walk him down to the gym tomorrow. Yeah, not going to happen…been going to the front door every day this winter…if you want to change the rules, have the principal send an official memo home with the kids.

And then I had to make the trek back home. My daughter and I were not happy campers at the end of that. And we still have to walk back to pick him up soon…