Supermom Defeated By Cold

by loveandothercrap

ImageI’ve got a confession to make. I’m a big baby when it comes to being sick. Now, I don’t have the “children bug” but I do have the cold and cough bug. I swear every hole in my face seems to have turned into a leaky faucet.

Even though I am sick, I still cannot rest. I have my kids that need to get ready for the day. Which would be fine, if I could hear things, like the alarm clock. (Apparently my ears are now effected and I feel like I am trying to listen to the world through a tunnel.) The normal morning rush turned into a chaotic rush from hell.

We woke up at 9:03. My son’s school starts at 9:05. We would never make that, obviously, but if we save baths or showers til tonight, we might make the 9:15 tardy bell. So, we threw our clothes on, then I had to lovely task of getting the baby ready. Diaper changed in a flash, new pants thrown on, boots shoved onto feet. Grabbed our coats, got my son a poptart to eat while walking down the driveway and across the street. And we made it! 9:13, two minutes before the bell. New record, I think.

Course, now I feel horribly guilty because all I wanted to do when my daughter and I got back was to collapse back into bed. But I slaved myself over the toaster and made her some toaster waffles. Which she promptly threw on the floor. So, I chugged my cold meds like it was going out of style, and prepared to make the breakfast feast of a lifetime. Cereal and milk. My daughter didn’t want that either; luckily, I was able to catch the bowl before it turned upside down before hitting the floor. Supermom still has some moves, even while feeling like she is on death’s door.

In the end my daughter had goldfish crackers for breakfast. Not the best, but better than the M&Ms she was wishing for. Maybe I can get her to eat an apple for lunch to make up for it or something.

I’m tasked with figuring out the rest of the day. Do I lay down and rest a bit? My daughter might even rest with me, but I have about 4 different coloring books for her picked out of her favorites: Mickey Mouse, Dora, Diego, and cute little puppies and kitties. Or do I spend time cleaning? It tires me out just thinking about cleaning the house, but I know it needs it. I could do extra cleaning tomorrow though to make up for my lack today.

I think resting is winning at the moment because I am sitting here wobbling and yawning non stop in my desk chair. I better set like 30 alarms for 3pm though in case my daughter allows the sleepage thing to happen. I’m bound to hear one of them, right? I could probably get one even right next to my ear. I have GOT to hear that, right? Anyone??