Not A Fan, Don’t Even Watch

by loveandothercrap

I admitted to a friend I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. You’d think not having a TV or cable would be my main reason, but nope, it’s because I don’t give two flying rat booties about football. Occasionally, I might watch it at a friend’s house or take a trip to my mom’s, but usually it’s to watch the halftime show or commercials. I can just do that on the internet days after the Super Bowl though, so why bother wasting the gas.

But apparently, according to my friend, not watching the Super Bowl is so “Un-American” like of me.


I can think of several other things that I do or don’t do that would make me “Un-American” like, but the Super Bowl doesn’t even make the list.

Honestly, I think football is one of the dumbest sports around. Lets watch a bunch of guys smash their bodies into each other, in hopes of getting a oval shaped ball! So totally fun!! Not.

If my kid ever wants to get into football, I might cry. So many broken bones and other injuries. Yes, he could get injured in other sports, but to me…it seems like football is the one where everyone is trying to give the other player a brain injury! Sorry, but I like my son’s brain the way it is now. And I wish to keep his legs and arms attached to his body too.

Sorry I didn’t watch the football game of the year yesterday. I honestly didn’t even remember it was yesterday until everyone started posting stuff about it on Facebook. What’s the point of watching it if I am just going to be bored to tears over it? I don’t even know who won!

So sue me.