Trying, But Sometimes Failing

by loveandothercrap

Being a mother is hardwork. You try your hardest to raise your children right. You try hard to make sure they are safe, that neither of your children kill each other or themselves, and that they are always wearing the proper clothes for the right weather.

However, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes just as much as the other parents. Hopefully, I learn from my mistakes, but I still make mistakes.

  1. Bathtime is not a daily thing. They do get bathes, but sometimes it turns out to be a every other day type thing. My daughter dislikes hates water. Every bath time with her is a screaming nightmare and I always end up just as wet as her.
  2. Bed time is a nightmare. I lay my kids down at 8pm everynight, sometimes earlier depending how I feel, but they are usually still up at 10pm. I’ve tried grounding, I’ve tried taking toys or movies away. I try yelling, I try quiet lectures. Nothing works. If one kid is asleep by 10pm, I consider it a good night. If both are sleep by 10pm, I am dancing around the house doing a victory dance.
  3. Sometimes they get microwaveable dinners or fast food for dinner. I can’t cook. At all. I’ve mastered a few dinners, such as chicken or pasta, but for the most part every thing I make comes out of a box. Some nights I don’t have the energy to even do that, so I make them a frozen meal. Or treat them to McDonald’s. I worry that they aren’t getting the proper food groups daily, but I try. Some days breakfast is just a toaster waffle if we are running late. (Normally my son is able to get free breakfast at school though, before classes start.)
  4. My children have watched movies that are not considered age-appropriate. I sit through my fair share of Disney Princess movies or Scooby Doo shows. But some days I just want to watch that movie with Tom Hiddleston. My son has seen all the Marvel movies and a fair share of “grown-up” TV, such as Law & Order or Vampire Diaries. I try to wait til they go to bed (after 10pm!) or when my son is in school. So far my daughter doesn’t seem interested too much, but she has showed up to watch a few episodes of The Originals because I am quite certain she has a crush on Daniel Gillies.
  5. My son has needed stitches already. He was two years old. However, I wasn’t the one who dropped him. But I was the one to not realize the person who dropped him was probably too drunk to be around children. (I tend to be slow on that uptake, especially if the person is a known drunk.) However, I wasn’t the one who held his hand when he had to get stitches. My friend did that. I was too busy standing in the corner freaking the fuck out at the amount of blood there was. I’m fairly certain though there is no lasting damage (since he hit his head.) Least…I think there isn’t any…

So I may not be perfect. I try my damnest though to make sure they are turning out okay. And now that might be my cue to sign off here because they are trying to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar.