Valentine’s Day Exchange Nightmare

by loveandothercrap

I took part in a Valentine’s Day card exchange. Harry Potter themed. I was so excited to buy Harry Potter Valentine cards to sent to my secret Valentine, only to realize…there are no Harry Potter themed cards. And I checked several different stores before finally giving up.

Oh my gosh, what do I do?! I panic. I want to get these things done and sent out before Valentine’s Day even arrives. My first secret exchange and I am failing already! So I wondered around the Valentine’s Day section in Target, trying to get a burst of inspiration. Do I buy an ugly card that says Be Mine! and sign it as all the characters from HP? God, I would need a big card. Then do I sign all the characters, even if some of them are technically dead?!

I looked at the Valentine’s that are usually bought for classroom exchanges. (I did pick up one for my kid’s class, so I guess that’s out of the way.) I have my choice of Scooby Doo, Cars, Barbie, Disney Princess. NOTHING SCREAMS HARRY POTTER! Well, here’s one with little owls and cats. There’s owls and cats in HP! YAY!

But it comes with 12 cards. I only have one person to send this crap to. What would I ever do with the 11 extras? Well, I decided to write one from several different characters! I screwed up the first card. I misspelled Weasley. Twice. Now I am down to 10 cards. I need one from me, at least. 9 characters. Nope, now 8 because my daughter stole a card.

I think I made 6 cards from various characters. A few were bunched together, like Fred and George. Hermione and Ron. Harry and Ginny. I tried to be cute with them and write something “in character.” Arthur Weasley got super excited because he got to put it in a mailbox. Molly Weasley said to dress warm. Fred and George admitted to finding the cards in a Muggle shop. Luna commented on how bizarre the little hearts were. And Neville made a felt heart because he was my pick’s favorite character. Wrapped them all up in their little envelopes and my daughter and I set out to stick some stickers on them. Some are upside down. Some are ripped. But all the cards have about thirty stickers each on them now. Woohoo!

I feel slightly bad for the poor soul who is about to receive all these letters in the mail. However, I was smart enough to buy a giant bubble envelope to put them all in. Less stamps to be used up now! I think I might pass on the chocolate candy Easter exchange because I have no idea where to buy a chocolate frog or wand.

Why did I think this was such a fun idea when I signed up? I’m now worried this girl is going to hate it all!