Fuck you to all the parents who can’t be bothered to parent

by loveandothercrap

I hate after-school food shopping. Normally I do it during the day when it’s slow, but for some reason, kept putting it off all day long. To make it worse, it’s a Friday. And to make it even more worse, if it’s possible, lots of people were out stocking up on food because we are supposedly going to get hit with a snowstorm tomorrow.

And to add to all this pleasantness, I was already in a foul mood because I got hardly any sleep last night and just started my period, which was causing me major cramps and bloatingness. So, it’s safe to assume I really shouldn’t have been around people who only make me even more pissy with their lack of common sense.

So, when a strange young girl, aged between four to six years old, started following me around the produce and bakery area, I was less then thrilled. I had no idea who she was, and no idea who her mother or father was. I couldn’t even see any adult looking overly concerned for having misplaced their daughter. I kept telling her to go back to her parents, praying to God she would listen, but she never did. So I tried the “I’m ignoring your presence” technique.

Apparently that didn’t fly too well with his child because she started acting out. Trying to climb into my cart. Trying to get to my food. She even managed to get a hold of an apple, took a bit out of it, and stuck it back in my cart. Gross! Then she started tugging on my bag, getting into my purse. Sorry, but not even my kids are allowed in there, so I used my scariest mother voice and said, “No. Stop that.” At this point, I was literally parked in the bakery section trying to get this kid to leave us alone.

But NO! She had to attempt to steal my daughter’s toy. Soon a tug-a-war started over it, then my son joined in to save his baby sister. Then I started in because I didn’t want to see any of these kids hurt, but mostly didn’t want mine hurt. Young girl surprises us by letting go, and the toy went flying. Luckily, my son was able to catch it with minimal damage done to his face. But this young girl decides to start beating the shit out of me.

My shins were kicked. She bit my arm. She punched me in the stomach. Finally I had enough; I grabbed her arms so she couldn’t hit me again, and mustered up all my courage. As well as my voice, and screamed into the bakery/produce area, “IS ANYONE MISSING A SPOILED BRAT? SHE IS HERE, CAUSING HAVOC. PLEASE COME CLAIM HER IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES.”

No parent showed up. Shocker. I can only imagine them running the fuck away not wanting to deal with this monster they unleashed into the world. So I tried again, “LOST CHILD HERE. COME CLAIM YOUR MONSTER. IF YOU DON’T SHOW UP IN THE NEXT 30 SECONDS I AM CALLING THE COPS AND DCFS CLAIMING CHILD ABANDONMENT.” I secretly prayed an employee would hear this (because none where around, shocker! Good old Wal-mart) and would take this child off my hands.

Magically a mother appeared! She just took her child, without an apology or thank you for watching her child for the past 10 minutes. At this point, I was beyond pissed, so I said to her retreating back. “Learn to parent properly. I really should get your name and address in case any of the injuries she caused while she assalted me need medical attention. By the way, her is her apple she took a bite out of!” And I ran up and toss the apple in this lady’s cart.

I’m not going to lie. It felt good to unlease on her. Was even better when other customers around us who witnessed part of this exchange or this child’s unholy behavior told her she was an unfit mother.

It’s my firm belief some people should not be allowed to breed. Or parent. UGH!