Sorry I don’t share the same beliefs as you stranger!

by loveandothercrap

I entered a coffee shop, hoping to score some caffeine and maybe a cookie or two for me and daughter dearest. Shortly after joining the short line, a young man walked in, called an employee from the back, and proceeded to propose to his boyfriend right there in front of his boyfriend’s coworkers and customers. It was really sweet. Really romantic. And I might be slightly jealous that he got a ring and I don’t have one. Wait, what? No, I’m not because I don’t want to be married. Never mind. Slight lapse in judgement.

The boyfriend hugs his now fiance and rushes back behind the counter to fill all the coffees up. I really thought nothing of it, until the old lady in front of me gets to the counter.

“Those two young men are going to go to hell! How can such an establishment allow such a horrible thing to happen?! This is wrong. This is a sin!” she shrieked to the shocked cashier behind the counter. And then this lady turned around, looked me right in the eye, and said, “Don’t you think these boys are horrible sinners?!”

Why must everyone and their mother look at me when they want to voice their opinion? Geez.

“Well, actually, I think they should be allowed to love and marry who ever they wish,” was all I answered.

“Obviously you are not a Christan. One of them sluts! You are going to Hell too! HELL, I SAY!” she shrieked at me before rushing out of the store, without buying anything.

People, do not ask me for my opinion if you do not wish to hear it! Simple as that!

For the record. I am a Christian. I may not share all the beliefs my religion teaches, such as the subject of homosexuality. But I still believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, everyone’s sins. Even the gay community’s sins. But damn it, let them love who ever they want. It’s between them and God when they die!