Parenting Fails: School, Car Edition

by loveandothercrap

ImageI hate some parents. I know there are good ones in the world. My mother is one of them. I try very hard to be like her as a parent myself. I am talking about parents that push out babies and then don’t do the proper parenting required.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, let me tell you!

For starters, I live right across the road from my son’s school. It’s a big school, with a crapload of students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. So you can imagine, before and after school is a nightmare on my street. However, the parents seem to have to make it twenty times worse. Here is a list of some of the things I witness.

  • Parents just park in the middle of the road to drop off their children. Sometimes, they just let their kids out of the car then drive off once they hit the sidewalk. It’s rare though. Most park in the middle of the road, essentially blocking traffic behind them, get out of their car, get their special snowflake out of the car, walk their snowflake to the door, then come back and move their car. Seriously people, move off to the side so others can pass too.
  • Those who do pull off to the side: they block the crossing path, they block driveways, they block the sidewalk. There’s rooms to park next to the grassy area, why do you have to block my driveway?
  • My apartment complex has a long and big parking lot/driveway. You can pull in and park right there next to the street. Sometimes parents park there. I really don’t have issues with that because the parking lot is so big; we don’t have enough people living here to have to use all the parking spaces. However, I have a problem with the parents who have to pull it, turn around, and then sit right at the end of the parking lot in the exit/entrance. When there is no snow on the ground, you could easily fit two cars there, one to go in, one to go out. Of course the parents can’t park off to the side. Oh no, they have to sit in the middle, blocking the whole in/out. As of right now, there’s snow on the ground. If a parent parks there, you can’t even walk past them without falling in a 3 foot bank of snow that the landlord pushed to the side. Grr. Not fun when you have a two year old walking with you and the snow bank is taller than her head.
  • Once their child is out of the car, all sense of safety for children get thrown out the door. Parents will take off flying down the street, ignoring the other children who might be walking in the road (because of the snow right now the sidewalks are hard to get to) or those who are crossing the road. It’s like the parents are screaming in their mind, “I’m free! Get me the fuck out of here so I don’t have to see any children for a full 8 hours!” My two year old and I have been nearly hit more than once while crossing the road to head back to our apartment by some parent who has to spin their tires to get out the area. And for the record, I look before crossing the street. They take off without even looking to see if the road is clear to do so.
  • And when you encounter these folks, while in a car, if you honk your horn to make yourself known to them, the parents just sit in there SUVs and stare at you, dumbfounded. Like omg are they really asking me to respect the rules of the road and watch out? Who would have thunk?!

ImageHowever, my personal favorite horror parent story is from today. Like, it literally just happened! Dropped my son off fine and dandy, then decided to take my daughter to McDonald’s for some breakfast. And for the much needed coffee (for me, chocolate milk for her.) As fate would have it, most of the tenants in my apartment building parked in the spots closer to the school. Same with me. As I was walking to my car, a parent pulls in and yells, “Why is there no spaces?! These idiots! Hey, you! You’re leaving?!”

Well, I was planning on it, but since there was a thin layer of ice and frost on my car, I had to wait. I told her so. She freaked out. “Just move your stupid car so I can take my special snowflake to school!”

I told her it was going to be a while and that she was more than welcome to park the five spots down, park on the street, or park in the neighbor’s parking lot. Nope, not good enough. She decided she was going to wait right there for my spot. Naturally blocking the in and out traffic. Go figure. School was about to start in less than five minutes, my car was not going to be done by then.

Yet she waited. And waited. The first bell at school went off. She waited some more. By this point, I was just sitting there to piss her off. I could have easily have gotten out of my car and scraped off the ice from my windows, but…Why should I? I was having more fun watching her fume from where she was. Finally I heard the tardy bell go off from the school.

This woman made her own kid late for school because she just had to park in the parking lot. The side parking by the school is closer! Plus the kid wouldn’t have had to cross the street again.

The woman marched to my car, rather than go off and take her kid to school. “You little bitch! You made my kid late for school because you are hogging the damn parking lot!” Image

I looked at the woman, put on my best innocent face and said, “But lady, there’s a parking spot five spaces down. There is parking on the street. You really had to wait for my one little spot? I didn’t feel safe leaving with all this ice on my windshield. Especially with my daughter in the back and young children on the road heading to school. What if I hit one?”

Lady screamed that it wasn’t her problem. That I should just leave because I was wasting school parking lot space. Oh no. Oh no no no. “Lady, this is freaking private property. We just LET you idiot parents park here. However, I’ll be more than happy to call my landlord, or the police, if you feel the need to keep screaming at me in front of, not only my daughter, but your son. Who is late for school by the way. I’m sure the police would love to hear how you made your kid late for school because you thought it was more important to scream at someone in their own parking lot.”

I pulled out my phone, not because I was really going to call – more because it kept vibrating between my legs, not helping me at the moment! – and she took off running. I did call the school though to let them know this lady might end up complaining about me. Maybe the principal or office staff talked some sense into her pea-sized brain.

All I can really say is: that poor kid. That poor, poor kid. I hope his mother isn’t always like this, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Image