Oh dear, my blog!

by loveandothercrap

Gosh, I realize I haven’t updated in fooooorever, but between the holidays, being a mother, and life in general, I haven’t had the time or energy. Hopefully now that things have settled down A LOT, I can get back into this blogging thing. Cause honestly, let me just say, it does help a lot to write shit down.

Lets see, what has been new and exciting these days. Nothing exciting, I should say. But lots of crap going on. (Hopefully I can update and share some more details on each later on in the week.)

I guess I will start at the beginning, seeing as I left off in October.

  1. November: Learned that my father is dying from cancer. I haven’t spoken to him in seven years at this point, but he was kind enough to call me to fill me in on what was happening. Talked a few times over the following months before he decided he was just going to ignore me again. (I’ll make a whole separate post about this since it’s BIG and a bunch of horrible stuff from various family members were involved.)
  2. December: Christmas and my son’s birthday!
  3. December again: Thought about looking for love, yet again. Went as bad as the last time and I am seriously considering just giving up for realz and for good this time.
  4. January: Epic cold front hit not once, but twice. So far my son has lost 4 days of school from it, and various other late start days. Whoever is praying for snow and cold…PLEASEEEE STOOOOOOOOP. I am turning into a human ice cream bar!

Anyways, I am going to try to be on my A game with this. I like the outlet and do have some serious venting!