“Hey I’m nice” = “As long as you are supermodel looking.”

by loveandothercrap

For a short period I had a small loss of brain cells. I decided “Hey, maybe I would like to meet a guy!” I even went as far as made an online profile on some dating site. Yeah, I know. I don’t know what came over me either.

I waded through the bogus messages from guys, such as “Hay, boo, u hawt” and “I is hawt 4 u.” I ignore those. If you can’t speak proper English or use proper grammar, you are not worth my time. Saddened me to see so many of those messages, I nearly gave up. Still wish I did.

However, I got a few messages from some guys that could use the basic English grammar we were taught in grade school. One guy in particular seemed to catch my eye above all the others. We messaged back and forth, finally exchanged facebook info so we could talk there. So far so good. He seemed sweet and decent and all that jazz. His sex talk should have been a major warning sign, but I tried to ignore it or not answer it. I figured all guys are the same to a degree so let it slide.

We agreed to meet. I was nervous. I know I am not everyone’s first choice in a hot date. I’m not a supermodel, but he kept claiming he wasn’t shallow and adored my personality. We met for dinner. Right off, I knew something was wrong. I got the cold shoulder. He wouldn’t talk unless I asked him something or said something. Tried to talk myself into believing he was shy or nervous, even though he said via FB and texts he wasn’t the shy type.

About 20 minutes in he said he had to leave to drop off paperwork somewhere before the place closed. Okay, cool…sure. I offered him money for my part of the meal, but he refused it, so I said my thanks and he left. He basically ran out the door, in fact. Later he sent me a message saying the plans we made for the weekend weren’t happening (he used the lamest excuse around) and deleted me off facebook.

After that, I realized I didn’t want to deal with the headache of dating. People say they are one thing, but very nearly always end up doing the opposite. I don’t want to deal with that. Too bad for him. Good for me. I’m done dating for a looong time.