But Mom Questions

by loveandothercrap

“But mom, why do I have to go to school today?”

Because you need to learn.

But mom, why do I have to wear cloths?

Because it’s required. You can not go outside in your bare skin. People would point and laugh.

But mom, why do I have to eat this green stuff?

Because it’s good for you. It helps you to grow into a big strong boy.

But mom, why do I have to go to bed?

Because it’s your bedtime. If you stay up any later, you won’t want to wake up in the morning for school or you will be crabby all day long.

But mom, why is the sky blue and the grass green?

Because that’s how God created it. Take it up with him.

But mom, why do I have to read this book rather than watch TV?

Because you need to learn to read. You need to expand your imagination through words. You watch enough TV as is.

But mom, why —

No more but mom questions! Save some for tomorrow or the weekend.

Goodness, kids sure do like to ask a lot of questions. And while I love that they do, it seems they ask the questions at the weirdest times. Like when I am in the bathroom and they ask them through the closed door, or shortly before they are suppose to be in bed. I may have to enforce a rule of only 10 questions per day or something in the future. Ah!