Siblings Fight Just Because They Can

by loveandothercrap

My kids are always fighting over the silliest things. Just the other day they were arguing over who got to sit on the side of the sofa closest to the TV, even though there is no closer side. And then, when I told them if they don’t stop fighting over it, the TV would be turned off. That set another fight in motion: who would be the lucky one to turn off the TV.

ImageOther things they tend to argue about:

  • Who is allowed to turn off the light. I had to set it up, one in the morning when we leave to take my oldest to school and one at night just before bed. Any other times and Mommy has to do it.
  • Who gets to sit in the seat behind me in the car. Even though the car seats are set up and have been since I brought the youngest home from the hospital.
  • Who gets the biggest part of whatever they are eating, whether it’s cake, pizza, or half a sandwich. Never mind the fact that I make sure each side it equal in portion, and neither of them ever finish what is given to them.
  • If they are sick, they fight about who is sicker.

I find myself wondering, Do kids fight just for the sake of fighting? And the answer I came up with is Yes, yes they do.

ImageBut there are times when they stick up for one another and show that they really do love one another. A girl called my son ugly just the other day, and his baby sister turned around and said “No! You!” as if a two year old would even know what ugly meant. My son will also hold his sister’s hand while walking in the store or in a storm when she is scared. It makes it that much special and warms my heart to see them showing their love for one another. It almost makes up for all the fighting they do.

Just wish the fighting wasn’t everyday. I could handle something like…once a week. Maybe? Think I could talk them into that? Bribe them with candy? Pfft.