Books and Movies, Movies and Book: Leaving my mind a confused mess

by loveandothercrap

It’s nearly midnight. I’m not sure why I am not even sleeping, but I have spent most of the past few days reading. I think my head is buzzing with overflow of words.

I’m currently reading through books that have been turned into either movies or TV shows. I’m not even sure why, other than to see what the differences are. Some books, I have read before the movies even came out, like all the Harry Potter books. Others I am reading for the first time. (Yes, I read a lot. I’ve read 3 books over the course of the weekend, in between nap times, bed times and quiet times.)

I had just finished the Hunger Game series. I watched the movie first, but then picked up the first book and finished off the series. While I was surprised at the changes in the movie, I have to accept it. The book was mostly set in Katniss’s mind, which is kind of hard to portray on screen. Some things I felt they shouldn’t have taken away though, like the story of her pin/token and her relationship with Peeta. Either way, I am excited for the next movie.

Currently, I am reading through the Vampire Diaries books. (Teen-ish books, I know, but I enjoyed the TV show.) Only on the fourth book, but it’s really a shocker how they differ from the TV series. I think the only thing they really kept from the book was some of the names. Even then, some names were different or not even in the TV show. Currently though, I am enjoying them both because it seems like they are telling two different stories and only share some names together.