Rotten Neighbors to the Core

by loveandothercrap

My neighbors are throwing some extremely loud and obnoxious party this evening. While their choice of music, and the sound of said music, gives me a rather alarming pounding in the head, I have to be thankful I don’t really need sleep tonight. There’s no school tomorrow for the children, and I don’t have to be anywhere until the afternoon.

But as I was laying with the kids, trying to get them to calm down enough for the night, I stopped to think that my neighbors are having weekly parties just about. While I can drown out the crazy music with a pair of headphones (after children are snoozing, of course) there has to be other people in the apartment building who are getting frustrated by it because they have to get up at weird hours.

Not only that, I have to wonder where my neighbors are putting all these people in their apartment. All apartments here are the same size, and even with myself and two kids, we are stepping on some toes occasionally.

I remember a few years ago (I’ve been here for nearly five years now, damn!) I had a neighbor who pitched a fit over everything. I would find her stupid little Post-it notes all over my door every few days complaining about: my children playing during daytime hours, my TV being above the volume level of 5 (it goes to 50) past 9pm, the washing machine being run to much even though I always took my laundry elsewhere, my parking jobs because I was a millimeter over the white line even though the car next to me was a foot over his.

I wasn’t sure if she was posting these on everyone’s doors, or just mine. I got the impression she wanted to control me somehow, but I didn’t give in. She had no authority over me and never complained about me to the landlord. So usually if I got a note I let my kids scream a little louder each day while playing, play my TV a little louder each night, or even play it a little longer past 9pm. What can I say? I’m a natural born rebel.

It was a relief to hear her moving out only four short months after she moved in, even though I thought I was being on my best behavior for a few weeks at that time. Someone else must have annoyed her so much. Funny thing was, she moved all her stuff out at 1am.

Course, now there’s a guy who moved into her abandoned apartment who likes to knock on my door every hour asking for a cigarette or money for a cigarette. Even when I had already told him no, I do not have anything to hand out to him. I don’t even give him anything when I do have something. It would only encourage him that much more, I think.

I think I need to pop some aspirin for this headache soon before the neighbors turn up the music even more. I get the impression it gets louder every 10 minutes or so. Maybe it will be another police weekend, like it was three weekends ago. One of the more upset neighbors call the police once a month or so on these people. We’re do for another blue-and-red-flashing-in-window kind of night again.