Oh, he looks “JUST LIKE YOU”

by loveandothercrap

Found this and found it pretty funny. I can relate to it. Though none of my children were bald when they were born. Daughter was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, and so many people told me she looked just like me, her mother who has brown hair and eyes. Yeah, suuure!

The Ugly Volvo

When the baby was only a month or so old everyone kept saying, “Oh wow, he looks like your husband.  He looks so much like your husband!”  And now he is six months old and at a family gathering the other day I had at least 10 people say that he looked exactly like me.

And here is the thing:  No.  He doesn’t.  He doesn’t look exactly like me because I am not a small, fat, round-headed baby.  At one month he did not look “so much” like my husband because my husband is not a tiny, shriveled alien-like creature with no hair who constantly cries.   I cannot even stress how much he didn’t look like my husband.  If the baby had committed a crime at that age (let’s say he robbed some old women) and was brought into the police station for a lineup next to a bunch of…

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