Common sense on sale in aisle 4 today!

by loveandothercrap

I only have a few pet peeves, and most of them are fairly universal. People talking with food in their mouth or chewing with their mouth wide open. Loud music from neighbors when it’s way past a non-vampire’s bedtime, on a weekday.

However, it seems like a lot of my other pet peeves only hit when I am inside a store. (Though, I suppose some could be anywhere in a public setting, like disrespecting another person for no reason. But seeing as I normally only go out to the store some days, this is where it’s all met.)

  1. People seem to think the rules of the road don’t apply to parking lots. Oh, there’s a stop sign right there, and people are trying to cross? Pfft, I don’t have to stop, I’m someone special. Puh-lease! Same with parking…I don’t know how many times I have seen someone parked in a cart return corral, and then get pissy when other people leave their returned carts crowded around their car. Um, duh, you parked in the nearest corral. Deal with it, asshat.
  2. Inside the store, people will park their carts in the middle of the aisle while they decide what to pick off the shelf. Hello, I am trying to shop too. There would be plenty of room for me to pass if you would pull off to the side. And of course, heaven forbid if I politely say, “Excuse me.” So many times have I been met with glares or simply ignored. Then they get even more pissy if I push their cart to the side for them. Sorry, I am not shopping on your time. I do have places to be also.
  3. 10 items or less checkout. Even as a cashier, I had to tell people with a huge cart full of crap to go to another checkout. Apparently, some cashiers don’t have a backbone these days and just ring them up. Then the customers get super pissy if their bags fall or something. Maybe it’s because there’s no room for your 100 items!
  4. People getting upset because the coupons they brought are not for that store, for the item they are trying to buy, or didn’t meet the full requirements for the coupon to work. I have been held up in line behind people who would refuse to leave until they got their fifty cents off their five hundred dollar bill. Read the fine print people! It’s why it’s there!
  5. Cashiers who don’t even acknowledge me. I know your job sucks, I have been in the same situation before, but the less you could do is say hi to me or look at me when I hand you my payment. This is why I prefer the self checkout lanes. I don’t have to deal with snobby cashiers.
  6. Parents ignoring their kids. I know my kids can start crying because I am not buying the newest candy on the shelf for them, but I at least make them stop. I also make sure my kids are by the cart at all times, not running around like it’s the local playground. I don’t know how many times I have been push or hit by random kids in the store with no parent around to supervise them.

While I am not telling people how they should act in public, some common sense and decency would go a long way. I sometimes wish schools would offer classes on how to act properly in public. Seems like people care less and less these days. I fear sometime in the future people will resort back to behaving like cavemen, grunting their way through life.

Yes, I did go shopping today. Yes, I got the world’s biggest headache from it. I think I will now go put in some Disney movie and curl up on the sofa with my kiddies now and pray that the shopping’s headache leaves me.