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Mornings Are Not My Thing

I went to bed at 1 AM last night. Girl Child woke up a little before 4 AM and decided she was going to stay up.

I need so much coffee.

I can’t even take my usual nap after dropping Boy Child off at school today because he only has a half day. I have to pick him up before lunch.

Man, I am going to need so much coffee to survive during the day today. Would it be possible to just marry coffee so I would never run out?


Early Morning Thoughts

Boy Child’s new school is extremely different than the public school he attended for kindergarten and first grade. One of the major changes that we are still trying to get accustomed to is that it starts a hour earlier than public school. Bell rings at 8 AM on the dot every morning. For someone who is not a morning person, that is a challenge.

I have this horrible habit of not hearing my alarm clock. My numerous alarm clocks. I even set the darn thing so close to my head that it would break the ear drums of a normal person. Yet, I still manage to sleep right through them at times.

It’s only happened a few times since school started in August, thankfully. And Boy Child wasn’t that late for school, but it’s still a panicky mess when I wake up, realizing that I have less than 10 minutes to get two kids dressed, in the car, and across town.

So, for the past two days, waking up at 5 AM, fifty minutes before my first alarm is even set, has been a strange experience. Especially since I didn’t get into bed until after midnight both nights beforehand.

Monday, I just popped right, freaking out that I was late. I honestly thought I slept through all seven alarms again and that my child was late for school once more. But seeing the clock saying only 5 AM left me confused. I had a dilemma on my hand. Do I go back to sleep for another fifty minutes or do I just wake up and get started with my day?  I choose to stay up, but didn’t get out of bed because honestly, I was too cold to even think about it. (I’m still refusing to turn on the heat this early. I want to make it until November at least!)

Today was a different matter. I still woke up at 5 AM, however it was because Girl Child was bouncing around on my bed. Where she got the energy, especially after refusing to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, is beyond me. I wish I could have had some because I was not in the mood to get out of bed. Again, I was too cold for that!

Luckily, I was able to get her to calm down slightly. So we had fifty minutes of some serious cuddle time. For the most part, it was nice, expect for the first few hundred times, where she would randomly kick me in the gut. I managed to find a way to pin her legs down without making either of us uncomfortable though.

Those fifty minutes were nice each morning. While I didn’t get all the sleep I would have liked, it did give me time to collect my thoughts for the day. I didn’t think about anything too serious. Just contemplated life is all. Wondering if I was heading in the right direction. Wondering where I was going in life. Wondering if I was doing an okay job as a mother. You know, basic stuff, right?

I did come up with the conclusion that I would like to go back to school. I have been saying this for forever now, but the truth is, I really would like to. But, while being honest, I still don’t know what for. As a high schooler, I thought about going into the criminal justice career, but now that I am a single mother, I don’t know how wise that would be.

I thought about what was out there to do. Nurse? No, I’m not a big fan of blood or needles. Trucker? Can’t do that because I have no one to watch the children while on the road. Lawyer? I got a fear of public speaking.

I still don’t know what would be a good fit for me. However, I plan to do some research on different ideas. I did take a career assessment test once, but it told me I would be an awesome cruise director. As far as I know, that requires being away from kids, like a trucker, so not very reasonable.

I suppose I have a little time until Spring classes start to decide. I could always just take my general education classes for now, get them out of the way, and use that time to really decide.

Now… to start looking up online schools!

How to Lose Your Sanity: Parents Edition

Have more than one child. Preferably, have them close together in age.

Start your days, weekend days too, as early as 6 AM. If you wake up before the sun, even better!

Do not end your day until well after midnight. Make sure you try to catch up your “adult” things after all the children are bed.

Have at least one child who believes something is the work of the devil, ie: naps, baths, potty training, veggies. Even better if they hate more than one thing!

Insist on that child doing the thing they hate (bed, naps, veggies) at least once a day..

Let your child steal your bed nightly. It’s amazing how much room they can take up.

Step on all the Lego toys.

Attempt to shower with the door closed and locked. It’ll be about two minutes before they are banging on the door.

Run out of milk after the closest stores close. Proceed to run around town after 10 PM attempting to find milk. (Or run out of diapers at 4 AM and proceed to wake up all your children just so the baby can have a clean butt.)

Know all the theme songs to all the kids’ shows. Proceed to watch the kid shows, even after the kids are in bed. 

The Scare

I have decided life insurance companies like to be shady as all hell. Why do I think that? Well, because my life insurance company tried to scam me out of a higher monthly payment by making up bogus health issues for me.

You see, a few months ago, my mother decided I had to take over payment on my life insurance and also said I needed to upgrade it or something. Fine, whatever, I guess… right? Doing so, they told me I needed blood work done for their records. They sent out their own company to do it in my home.

Once it was done, I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve never had any major health concerns in the past, and didn’t suspect they would find anything wrong with me with this blood work. Silly me…

My agent called me out of the blue and said that my payment was going up because something in my blood work seemed wonky. However, he couldn’t tell me what it might be, nor had I gotten anything from the blood work company telling me otherwise. Red flag number one, right?

I can’t help it, I freaked out a little bit. Cancer seems to run in my family. My mother had it a few years ago and my father passed away from it earlier this year. I thought for sure I got screwed too with it and for several nights kept wondering what kind I really had. Both the life insurance company and the blood work company were dragging their feet on sending me the results, so I ended up making an appointment with a doctor. I was going to do it anyways, regardless of what the results said, because obviously something serious was wrong with me!

I had to wait nearly two weeks for the results from them! I had to wait three weeks until the doctor’s appointment. According to the results, my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were at “omg how is she even functional!” high. Red flag number two, right?

For the following week before my doctor’s appointment, I sent the week recording and watching what I was eating very carefully. I exercised and worked out and walked like a fucking lunatic.

Went to the doctor’s appointment, showed her the results, got more blood work done. Went to a second appointment for the results… blood sugar was completely fine. Cholesterol was slightly raised. Didn’t even need medication for it.

And that is how I decided life insurance companies would scare their clients in hopes of making an extra buck or two of them. I forwarded the real results to them, but they refused to lower it until my “cholesterol is back under control.” Ya know, the same cholesterol I don’t need medication for. Just to eat more properly and exercise more for. Which I have been doing!

“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance agent?” -Woody Allen

Quick Update: Getting back into it!

I realize I have written in some time. I just haven’t really felt like I had much to say. I probably still don’t, but I’m in a writing mood. And I want to get back into blogging daily because, well, why not.

Not much has been happening around here. Boy Child has entered second grade and I made the decision to put him in private school this year. At first, I was hesitating about it because it was a lot of money per month, started earlier than normal, and I wasn’t sure if he would get the education I really wanted him to. But he is doing far better in private school than he ever did in public school. Plus, the public schools have been closed for nearly three weeks because the teachers are all on strike.

While I understand the need for a raise, especially since they haven’t had one in nearly four years now, the only ones that are suffering because of this strike are the children. Not only are the forfeiting their education, but sports and after school activities and most likely their summer now. Because the days missed will obviously need to be made up at some point, and unless they skip Christmas, they will be skipping summer.

I no longer have children going to school in the district, but I still keep up on it because I live here and I am going to vote during the next election for new board members. Our current members are doing a bang up job… so much name calling and childish tantrums throwing around on both sides. It’s a sad thing to witness in my town. Not to mention I am being driven insane with the neighbor children home all day, climbing up the walls, screaming at the top of their lungs, or banging on my outside window.

So, that’s been happening.

I don’t know what else is new.

Girl Child still refuses to use the potty. I think she is scared of it. Don’t blame her… if I weren’t holding her, she would probably fall in the toilet. I keep meaning to buy a little toddler size pot for her, but I’m the worst at remembering when it comes to being in the store. I don’t know how many times I have forgotten to pick up toilet paper or paper towels, even while staring right at them. Usually have to make double trips just to get all the things I forget.

Love life is still in the shits. Though, honestly, I am not really looking. I don’t have time for nonsense like that. I would have to find babysitters for each date, find a guy who is willing to put up with children, etc. Too much hassle, yo! Plus, I like my singleness. So much more freedom, in my opinion.

I have to get ready to pick up Boy Child from school soon. He gets out earlier than normal at this school, which I like because I get to spend more time with him in the afternoon then. Though, half the time is spent helping him with homework and that is a pain because he likes to pretend all the things he learned at school fell out of his head when he exits the building. We just do a little at a time. (It’s week long homework, so he can afford that.)

I promise to update more later. Like I said, I really want to get back into blogging. It helps me sort out my emotions and lately, my emotions have been a jumbled mess. Plus, writing is soooo relaxing. I forgot about that part. Feels good!

Weekly Recap: I haven’t forgotten about you!

I realize I haven’t updated lately. I have a good reason for that. Any spare time that I have had this week has been wasted on playing a video game. My friend got me into it. Blame her!

In all honesty though, I haven’t had much to say. I lead a rather boring life; there’s only so many times I can write about going to the store or taking my kid to school. (Though, he has been on Spring Break this week. Been a verrrry long week.)

Here’s a short recap from this week (besides playing video games.)

– Cleaning. So much house cleaning. Trying to organize my life. Got new lamps!

– Boy Child lost two teeth! Which means he is currently missing three teeth. Two of them happen to be the front teeth.

– Girl Child feels she doesn’t need to go to bed at a proper time anymore. She takes super late naps these days, forcing me to stay up with her later in the night.

– Boy Child and Girl Child went to some event at the library with their Grandma where they brought in different learning stations. Their favorite activity was to wear the hard helmets. (Pictures below!)


Memorable Moments

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go! – Daily Prompt

1. Birth of Boy Child

Boy Child: Born at 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 21 inches long

Boy Child: Born at 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 21 inches long

2. Birth of Girl Child

What you looking at?

What you looking at?

3. And every moment in between with them! (Because they are awesome!!)

Little White Lie

I lied to someone today. I got out of going to a “friend’s” house by telling him I was sicker than I really am. However, I have a rather valid reason for not wanting to be at his house…

As you can see, friend is in quotation marks. At one point, he really was a friend. In fact, I had a rather huge crush on him and wanted to be more than just friends with him. Which he knew, and used to his advantage. (Yeah, you knoooow.) After I finally wised up and realized he wasn’t going to be with me when he could just get the milk for free, I walked away from him and said good riddance.

Until he found on me on Facebook. I was being nice, responding to him, when he mentioned we should hang out tonight. Even though I kept saying no, that I had stuff to do, that I had my kids, etc. he still kept pushing the subject until I said, “Well, we’ll see.” I was secretly hoping he would have forgotten about it by today, but he didn’t and I received a text in the early afternoon.

It’s not that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him, to catch up with him, but it wouldn’t be just that. He would most likely push the sex issue, hoping to score one more time. While it’s been over two years since I have been to bed with anyone, I don’t want to just jump back into the sack with him. I want that to be saved for a relationship with someone, and based of past events, I highly doubt he’d want to be with me if it was the only way he would have sex with me.

Do I feel bad about blowing him off? Slightly, but I always do when I lie to someone. However, I feel like it’s a lot better than going and being pushed into sex. Especially if my kids are going to be going with me. I don’t feel comfortable leaving them in a living room or another bedroom, glued to the TV, just to do the hanky panky. Other parents might feel okay doing that, but not me. I wouldn’t even enjoy it because I would be worrying my children were getting into something, breaking something, choking on something, etc. Not a great recipe for a fun time in bed.

Maybe he wouldn’t push the sex thing, maybe he just wants to see you again? Perhaps, yes, but it’s never been like that in the past. Why would it be any different now? I don’t know, obviously I cannot predict the future or read minds. Just a feeling I have in my gut.

Go Away Snow!

Boy Child is on Spring Break this week, so I am trying to find fun things to do for the week. In order to plan it, I had to check the weather. Was greeted with this for Tuesday. Did Mother Nature not get the memo that yesterday was the beginning of Spring? Someone needs to have a chit chat with her!

WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

I enjoy reading OM’s blogs. Very rarely ever comment on them though, but figured I would put this out there for others. 🙂